Monday, January 4, 2010

Starting Over

What can I say? I can't sleep. So I'll write instead! With the new year just beginning, I have decided that it is time to let go of some old things and start from scratch. So, I deleted my old blog from forever-ago junior high and created this new fantastic blog! As for the New Years' celebration, I was lucky enough to have Andrew visit for a few days. I hadn't seen him since early in December and even though he just left yesterday I still feel like I haven't seen or talked to him in forever (when in reality I talked to him a few hours ago). We shot off tons of fireworks, but with the nasty weather decided to shoot them off the next evening. I really loved being home with my family for the holidays. As for my new year's resolution, I haven't really decided on much besides the obvious 'work out more and study more' and my mom--the greatest woman in the world!--suggested that I join WeightWatchers. I have picked up quite a bit of weight and something needs to change. But enough about all of that...there has recently been a spike of the drama in my life. SERIOUSLY. For those of you who didn't read my old blog, here's just a few highlights of things that have occured since I've been home: my dermatologist is going to put me on Accutane however since blood must be drawn monthly I have to see a doctor in CS which puts me a whole month behind...stupid government mandates and pregnancy tests... a tornado hit on the day of Megan's 18th birthday so her party was mostly ruined, and a lawsuit was filed against me (but I won't go into too much detail about that). As I'm sitting here writing I realized that open registration starts at 8am, which means I better find one more class to add to my busy schedule. Maybe I should try to get some sleep, or start to take down the Christmas decorations and millions of ornaments on our lovely Christmas tree. Oh wait, I almost forgot about my sweaters that I was handwashing earlier! worries, they are just fine.

Megan and Emily at Pizza King for her 18th birthday!

Andrew and me at my mom's house the night before new year's eve. He isn't that much taller than me, I was kneeling on the ottoman and this was the best picture out of all of them.

ps. if you didn't happen to notice, I got side bangs. Do you like?

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