Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let it Snow!

Texas doesn't get much snow except for during those weird years where every city gets some form of snow. And College Station finally got some this afternoon! Unfortunately I was in class until 2pm and it began snowing around 1:15, but it was wonderful. Sammie (the roomie), Andrew and I played in the snow for about an hour after Andrew got out of class, we built a snowman that got destroyed and had constant snowball fights. Later we had some more snow fun once Joseph (Sammie's fiance) got out of class, and that time we went out to my car and got every last bit of snow off my entire teeny tiny car. It was so cooooooooooooold my hands were freezing even with my gloves on. Oh yeah, I was extremely jealous since my hometown (Longview) had a whopping 7 inches of snow a few weeks ago, and it has not snowed that much since I was in 6th grade (so 9-10 years?) My mom sent me the most beautiful pictures of our house. Sammie has all of our snow pictures on her camera, so for now I will use my mom's because they are so BEAUTIFUL.

The backyard swingset and treehouse covered in snow! That treehouse has been around for almost 18 years!

Our house looks so warm and cozy covered in snow!

Did I mention that Megan skipped school the whole day to play in the snow? Silly administration, should have closed the school that day. Don't Megan and my mom look so cute with our Aggie snowman :) and that is one of my favorite scarves.

So no matter where you are, I hope that you have enjoyed some snow this year, and as for us Texans who don't see much snow, it was SO MUCH FUN.

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