Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

So I'm not exactly sure what has changed or gotten better in my life, but since the beginning of the semester everyone around me has noticed a change in my demeanor. I am always cheerful and smiling, and I have been saying Howdy to nearly every person I see that looks back at me when I'm walking around campus. Maybe it is because I have looked at my priorities in life and gotten a few things straight like they should have been all along. I was ecstatic when Andrew came back from Colorado on Tuesday (he had a funeral to attend on Monday) because I hadn't seen him since Friday evening. Even when I call my mom, she is always telling me how upbeat and positive I sound about everything. The other night Sammie was telling me how her friend Amanda got engaged, and then we got on the subject of all things wedding. The only bad part I have had this whole entire week is the fact that Old Navy finally hunted me down and put me on the schedule for work. I'm not sure how I can handle 17 hours and 2 jobs all at the same time. Oh well. Things are definitely looking on the up and up! Plus, tomorrow is my mom's birthday and Megan and I have the most wonderful, amazing, super surprise she could ever ask for (or at least Megan and I think so). There will be lots of laughs, love, and smiles all around.

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