Saturday, March 13, 2010


I haven't had a chance to update lately since I had a crazy week! Six exams, a paper, a quiz, and a ton of chemistry homework problems nearly ate my lunch. But it was finally over around 7pm last night thanks to Andrew's help. I decided that I couldn't stay another day in College Station and made the loooooooong late night drive home. I finally pulled into the driveway around 12:15am and Megan came out in her pj's to help me unload the few things I had brought home.

I am so excited to be home words cannot even explain how I feel! I have absolutely no plans, except to sleep, make a trip to Dallas, and enjoy the days that Andrew comes to visit. Today is such a beautiful day and I all I've done so far is make some chocolate chip pancakes and they were delicious. And I'm gonna go see Dad here in a little while, after I get out of bed. And yes I know I spelled craziness wrong. Its supposed to be that way.


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