Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding "THE DRESS"

As I mentioned in my last post, Megan and I were supposed to go to Dallas on Friday and shop for a prom dress with our ex-stepmom, Mary. Late Friday night Mary sent Megan a text message saying that she would still love for us to come for the day, so we did. And as most of you already know, yesterday and today have been some interesting days in Texas. Driving to Dallas we encountered a million inches of pouring rain, and we passed several cars that had swerved off into the ditches because they were driving too fast down I-20. We finally arrived at Richard's house (Richard is Mary's fiance who has a TON of money, so much in fact that her engagement ring cost him the same amount of buying 2 and a half Lexus GS cars) and waited for Mary to get there. After a nice lunch we started on the hunt for the perfect dress for Megan.

Our first stop was at Terry Costa, and there were SO MANY PEOPLE THERE. Megan became upset because she didn't see any of the dresses that she liked in her size. Finally, she found two dresses that she thought were okay and we went back to the fitting room, and that was a mad house. There were girls and moms and friends everywhere! Of course, both dresses Megan tried on were too short. I asked two of the ladies in charge of finding dresses to go run out onto the sales floor and pull the longest dresses that they could possibly find. And they came back with dresses after dresses after dresses. Megan hated several of them, but I made her try them on anyways to see how they looked length-wise. She started getting more into it and had picked out five or six of the 30+ dresses that had been brought back to her. But with each one she found something that she didn't like about the dress. She finally gave up and we left, headed next to Cache.

At Cache, they had less of a selection, but the dresses were absolutely beautiful! Megan bought her last formal dress at Cache, and their dresses are a few inches longer, which is just what she needs. I think she tried on almost every dress they had in their store (that was in her size). But she finally found this little beauty and everyone in the store was complimenting her on how good it looked on her.

But this was my favorite dress if I had to pick one

And after a quick stop to Forever 21, we had a casual bite of dinner somewhere close to the SMU campus. By the time we got ready to leave, it was sleeting! But thankfully we made it home in one piece, but the sleet and snow followed us all the way home and when we woke up this morning, it was snowing! So, I got to drive back to College Station in the snow/sleet/rain/nasty and I am definitely not looking forward to classes starting back up tomorrow, but I don't have much of a choice either way. For those ladies who are going to prom this year, have you found a dress? And a date? Let me know! Hope you have a fantastic night and a Marvelous Monday! :)

PS. Sorry this was such a long post!

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  1. Oh the agony of prom dress shopping - I remember it all too well! I must have found something wrong with every single dress!! I think I tried on nearly 45 dresses over the span of two days before finding THE ONE. Congrats to your sister for finding the perfect dress and I hope she has a wonderful prom night. :)