Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Dance

As I am sitting in the living room Megan and her friend Emily are playing our newest Wii game, Just Dance. It will definitely get you in shape and it is so much fun! Right now they are dancing to MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" and they are dying.

Today we were supposed to go to Dallas to go prom dress shopping for Megan (prom is May 1st) and Mary--our ex-stepmom--was supposed to meet us there to shop with us, and be mommy moneybags and pay for lots of clothes and dresses and everything but she isn't around. Seems like she is only around and makes time when it is convenient for her. Oh well. It feels rather nice to just sit around the house and do nothing.

Andrew left this morning too, I was almost too sleepy to tell him goodbye but I already miss him. But I will see him on Sunday evening :) after he gets his CHL with his friends Erik and Aaron.

I can't believe that spring break is nearly over, and all I have done is work around the house and take care of dad, which seems like a whole lot but then I look back at this week and I really haven't done very much at all. Pretty boring week and a pretty boring post. That's a few minutes of your life that you will never get back! Have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

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