Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pieces of Everything

These last few days have been filled with eventful things, but most of them have all been bad. Over the weekend Megan and I went shopping at Compass Trading Company, which is kind of like Charming Charlie's but they just have jewelry and adorable handbags and here's the link to check out their fantastic stuff!. Sadly, Megan and I had no luck there. So we zipped into Ulta 10 minutes before they closed and I got stuck at the very front smelling the different perfumes and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Calvin Klein's Euphoria.

After getting kicked out of Ulta, we went next door to Target = loooooooooooooooooove but a few minutes into shopping, my dad called my sister and said that he wanted to shop with us...great. So we get home and he is walking down the street to get some exercise. Five minutes later after I hop out of the front seat to let him sit there, Megan rolls over my right foot WITH HER CAR/MINI SUV. She drives a Honda CR-V, so it wasn't enough to break my foot. It freaking hurt! Of course, we went back to Target and finished our shopping and I bought this little beauty:

Large Floral Tiered Skirt by Xhilaration

I love it! Outside of that excitement, I have just been taking my dad to physical therapy (it has been two and a half weeks since his quintuple bypass) and spending time with Andrew while he is here. Not to mention my skin has a flesh eating bacteria on it called Accutane. There is even the possibility that I will have to stop wearing my contacts. NOOOOOOOOOO :( but currently the worst problem is that my lips look like Ronald McDonald's and any kind of lotion I try to use burns my freshly exposed skin and I can't use the same lotion that I use on my face because that burns the rest of my skin; I have huge red patches from skin that has just fallen off because of the dryness. On top of that, I am required to STAY OUT OF THE SUN which means all summer long I will have to stay indoors. Everything looks like it just sucks.

Now to just find the right accessories to wear with that floral skirt and the most amazing lotion. Any ideas?

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