Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am so happy right now because of the beautiful weather that God has blessed College Station with right now! It is so warm and sunny and even though I've been sick for the last week and a half and have the WORST WEEK EVER of my entire college career next week (thus far), all of my problems and stressors have just flown away for the time being.

On another happy note, Megan didn't have class today since she is a senior and doesn't have to take the TEKS tests (or whatever they are calling it these days..)today. I told her that she could come visit me! *sigh* If only Longview were closer to College Station. Instead she went up to the hospital to spend some time with dad. Oh, that reminds me, my dad had quintuple bypass surgery on Friday. Yes, quintuple means 5 and it was an emergency surgery. But he seems to be doing much better now and hopefully he can go home soon. I can't wait for spring break to get here that way I can go home and see him and spend some quality sister time with Megan :)

Enjoy the sunshine while it's still out!

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