Monday, March 29, 2010

Winston & Winifred

Earlier I was chatting with my roommate, Sammie, about anything and everything. We got on the subject of Chris (my future roomie for next year) and how she decided on a name for her new 2002 dark grey Toyota Camry. She picked Eleanor, which I like but is a little too sophisticated for me and my car. Sammie brought up the fact that she had suggested Winifred to Chris that way her 1985 Mercedes would have a hot woman to drive around with. And I immediately decided to name my car Winifred (Winnie for short, which makes me think of Hocus Pocus hahaha). FYI, I have a 1992 Honda Accord that looks like it has cancer. The clear coat has almost completely come off and it is getting down to the paint, much longer and she will start to rust :(

Anyways, we now have the cutest car couple ever
and in case you don't know what our cars look like, here are some super nice ones.

This is Winston in excellent condition. He is actually a dusty blue gray color

And can't forget Winifred, who in this picture looks amazing compared to mine. Minus the ugly hub caps, I have my very own OZ Racing Wheels.

Like the newest couple on the block?
regardless that Winston is 7 years older than Winnie

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