Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthdays all Around

So apparently this time of year is one of those times where every single person you know has a birthday. The last few days haven't been so crazy, but today alone I have about 10 friends with birthdays. WHOA. And the next few days are similar. I can't believe that MY 21ST BIRTHDAY is in FIVE DAYS. Holy cow. How did I make it this far already? Things are happening so fast, and everybody is growing up. My sister will be graduating from high school in about 2 weeks. Crazy I know. And then I think about my graduation date, which is only a year and 5 days from now (so if you did the math correctly, I will be graduating on my 22nd birthday). Anyways, back to my original topic. I want to wish all of my wonderful friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's gonna be an awesome year!

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