Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That One Person

You know who you are. And you already know that I'm always here for you :)
Everything will be okay.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Full of Surprises

I have really started noticing that my sister loves to surprise me in any way she can. Today she is leaving on an airplane with our ex-stepmom, Mary, for a week and a half in Florida! Yesterday Mary drove to Longview to go pick Megan up and their flight leaves out of Austin at 3 pm today. So, Megan texted me yesterday afternoon when she and Mary were on the road asking me what I was doing for the rest of the day. That's obvious, I'm studying all the time. An hour and a half later, someone is knocking on my door. Guess whoooooooo. Megan and Mary! It was so great to see them! We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel, then zipped into Target for a little bit of shopping. I got some shorts, a new pair of sunglasses, fresh makeup, and some housewares. I was super excited to find shorts that actually fit and didn't let my butt hang out! I mean really, I'm a freakishly tall AMAZONIAN WOMAN and its almost always impossible to find a good pair of shorts, and now I have 4 of them!! But I think the thing I was most excited about (besides the shorts) was a blender! Just what I've been needing to make drinks, you know, smoothies and margaritas ;)

I am totally jealous that I don't get to go with them, but I must focus on school. There's only 4 days left, and I have 5 exams. Eeeewwwwwww. And then after that I'm free, for a little while.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't Worry

Remember how I was stressing out about school and everything? Well this morning was my do-or-die anatomy exam. If I did good, I would stay in the class and pass. If I did bad, I would have to retake it during the 2nd summer session. Anyways, the exam was super hard, but luckily I made a 75 on it. I know what you're thinking....a 75, that's not good at all... Yeah yeah I know. But considering that my other grades have been much lower, this is a great accomplishment for me. So, that puts my overall grade at a 68.45. I'M SO CLOSE! My prof told me that I should stick with it, and if I make a 75 on the final (and do decent on the other exams) that I will pass the class with a 73, which right now is good enough for me. Yay!

And like I've said before, I'm a worry-wart. The picture above says it all :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Worst Night Ever

Yesterday Andrew left for a church camp to chaperone 6th-12th graders for a whole week. He told me that he would call me as soon as they arrived, and call me every night like he always does. After about 4:30 pm I didn't hear back from him. So I figured he was just really busy helping unload and getting things settled in. The evening passed, and I still had not heard from him. I sent him a quick text to let him know that I was getting cleaned up and I would call him when I was done. I called him, the phone rang twice, and went immediately to voicemail. I didn't bother leaving a message, I realized that his phone would be off for the rest of the week. I went on to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I haven't seen him in a few weeks, and not being able to talk to him makes it even harder. I woke up this morning and I was exhausted. I don't know if I can handle a whole week of not talking to him after the disaster I had last night :(

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey Dad...

Thanks for being the best dad in the whole world. Thanks for playing Barbie fashion shows, for helping me all those years to play basketball, sticking around when things got tough and you didn't want to, and putting up a fight for what was rightfully yours.

Thanks for taping every single basketball game, even though I sat on the bench a lot. And being a super chef with cooking chicken and cheeseballs or a roast when we wanted. Thank you for always loving me and being there for me. You have taught me so many things that I would have never learned if it weren't for you.

I am thankful for you every single day, but especially today since it is Father's Day. Even though we can't be together today, I send all my love towards Longview just for you!

Love you Dad ♥

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Study Saturday

Yes, I have been studying allllllllllllll dang day. I am so tired of studying and I'm still nowhere near being done. Sammie, Chris, Blake, Joseph, and Sammie's friend Lee are all in the living room watching tv and not having a care in the world, lucky them. I have realized that between now and the end of summer session 1 I am going to have to work my butt off, which means no free time and no goofing off, except for maybe one night a week after an exam or something. I have gone through all of my anatomy notes and right now I'm working on my online class. I'll be spending the rest of the night studying too rather than going out and having fun :( but I guess in a way it's good because I need a whole lot of r&r, which I get when the apartment is quiet.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Major Overload

OH MY GOODNESS. What was I thinking when I registered for 14 hours this summer??!!!?!?!?!?? I am dying over here. I have online quizzes due every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, plus on top of that I have 2 anatomy exams from here until the end of summer I. I already accidentally forgot about one online assignment, and it was worth 20 points (out of a total of 250 for my class grade) which means my chance at making an A in the class is no more :'( how sad. But hopefully next summer session will be much better, especially now that I think I am going to drop my summer II class. Whew. But for now I just have to keep plugging away and pray that I pull through this summer.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gone Again

Today Andrew got to come see me for a few hours. It was so wonderful to see him! Especially since I haven't seen him since Megan's graduation on May 28th. We didn't really do much of anything, he watched tv while I studied and then I needed to go grocery shopping and we made 3 different stops. We came back home, unloaded all of my groceries and went back to our earlier routine and waited for his parents to get back from Waco. Andrew's brother Austin is at a camp (no clue what it is) for the week and Andrew came up with the great idea to stop and visit me while they go on to Waco. After his parents got back into town, the four of us went to Freebirds for dinner. It was delicioussssssss. Then they dropped me back off at my apartment and I had to say my goodbyes. As usual I cried, but not as much this time. Sadly ever since he left I've been kind of gloomy and just feeling blah. I watched the season premiere of True Blood, then more tv, and the studied, but it seems that nothing is making a difference. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pulling My Hair Out

It has been a crazy busy week, and I am so glad that the weekend is finally here. Regardless of the mountain of homework and studying that lies ahead of me, I am thankful for a breather.

Earlier in the week my roommate Chris, Blake and Josiah decided that we wanted to go out to Martini Street Thursday night. Unfortunately we found out Thursday afternoon that there would be live music until 1am. Not what we were wanting. So we decided that we would go to Daisy Duke's. So after a quick wardrobe change, I put on my daisy duke shorts and cowboy boots, and I always thought that look wasn't cute, but I surprised myself and my legs looked long and lean :) it took me over an hour to do my hair, and here is the finished look.

I have so much hair and it was nearly impossible to get it all to stay. So I asked Chris to spray her Bed Head extra strong hold hairspray all over my hair. It was crunchy the rest of the night, but it stayed in place and was GORGEOUS!

We left around 1:30 since I had to be up at 8am Friday morning. I decided that I was so exhausted that I wouldn't bother doing anything with my hair and I fell into bed. A few minutes later I sat up in bed and realized that I would neverrrrrr be able to sleep with bobby pins stabbing the back of my head. So I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom to start taking my hair down. Once all the bobby pins were out, I hopped in the shower. Immediately I realized that this would be harder than I thought. Somehow my hair had gotten so tangled up that I couldn't get the twists out and suddenly there were HUGE KNOTS all throughout my long, straight, beautiful hair. I was in the shower for an hour trying to get those knots out, and they just wouldn't budge. Nothing was working. Major freak out.So, I jumped out of the shower, ran over to my desk and grabbed a pair of scissors. Yes, I had to freaking cut the knots out of my hair! I was crying part of the time because they hurt so bad but also because I really love my long hair and I am not ready to chop it all off yet. I think I ended up cutting 2 or 3 pieces of hair that were about 6-7 inches long. Thankfully I have SO MUCH HAIR that when I woke up this morning and blowdried my hair I could not find the strands that were left hanging. Which is good because I lost a ton of hair last night. I just am so thankful to have long thick hair! Now I look in the mirror and I can't even tell that some chunks were cut out. Yay!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Summer school is in full swing, and I am taking 14 hours. Scary, I know. I did the same thing last summer. Tomorrow is my first exam of the summer and I just can't seem to wrap my head around the material. I've been looking at it since last Thursday, reading the text and notes as well as using the interactive tools to familiarize myself with the sense organs and the endocrine system. (That's what the exam tomorrow covers) I'm sure if you were to ask me something about what I've been studying I would be able to tell you, but I just feel so unprepared. And no matter how much time I spend studying tonight I will still not be ready. I don't know what to expect from this exam tomorrow, or how in depth the questions will go. I've been studying since 6:30pm, and I took an hour break to watch the season finale of Glee :) I just want to get my head in the game, and tomorrow I can rest a little once it's all said and done. Time to try and refocus for a few more hours.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Annual Beach Week

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was pretty good. Every year my mom's side of the family has a family reunion (sort of). Normally we go to Galveston and stay at a beachouse for the 4th of July, but this year we decided to go someplace different. And my family chose this weekend to go to the Longhorn River Ranch outside of Dripping Springs. We stayed at the Hudson Homestead which is one of the properties on the ranch. It was beautiful and breathtaking but I had a difficult time enjoying any of it since I had to stay indoors most of the time (since I'm taking Accutane and I'm not supposed to be out in the sun). But it was really nice to see my family even if it was for just a day and a half. Anyways, there are so many things to do including a beautiful pool, a zipline that ends in the river, a huge tv, and lots of hiking area. Not to mention the wild game on the property! I saw some antelope and my mom told me that she saw bison! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, I left my camera in College Station. I will just have to steal some from my mom :)

Anybody do anything exciting this weekend?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday Recap!

Sorry I've been kinda MIA lately. Things have just been so crazy between moving and unpacking, Megan's high school graduation, and summer classses starting up. Anyways, I promised I would fill you in on my birthday festivities! First off, I had to wake up at 6:30am for my work spring retreat. Everybody sang me the birthday song :) and work was finally over around 4:30pm. By then I was so tired that all I wanted to do was go home and sleep all night long. I arrived back at home and collapsed on my bed. About 30 minutes later, Sammie and Joseph showed up. She showed me her new pretty purchases (graduation dress, shoes and jewelry) and then said that she and J would be leaving soon for dinner. Sammie was dressed up, so I knew something was going on. Andrew told me I had to be ready to go by 6:15pm, so I was! And then he came to pick me up but told me that we couldn't leave. I was soooo hungry and tired by then :( eventually we were able to leave and the two of us headed to Cheddar's. And Andrew would have almost gotten away with the entire surprise if the seating hostess hadn't said "right this way, your party is waiting for you". Wuups. Anyways, turns out that Sammie, Joseph, Erik, Shala, and Jake were all waiting for me! And then, MEGAN came around the corner!! I could NOT believe it! She skipped school just to come see me for my birthday! I was so excited that I even started crying! Sammie has a picture of me crying, but until she finds her camera I am without that picture. So I was beyond ecstatic to see Megan! And of course she then reminded me that Andrew could never pull something like this off and that Sammie could not have picked out that dress, shoes and jewelry by herself.

Andrew and I as soon as we sat down at our table. I think I was still a little teary-eyed.

Erik and Shala are probably the cutest awkward couple I've met (Erik is Andrew's roommate)

This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen of Joseph. Seriously. I miss Sammie so much since she isn't here in College Station anymore :(

Megan is the best sister in the whole entire world, no joke. I honestly could not ask for a better sister! And Jake, who's looking handsome and showing off that Aggie ring :)

My first legal drink was a pina colada, which was delicious! The other pictures of me drinking looked weird.

About halfway through dinner Chris showed up (she came in for Sammie's graduation) and after dinner we picked up a few things and went to Jake's apartment for some Rock Band! I think my 21st birthday has been the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! And I have all of these wonderful people to thank for making it so awesome. I love them so much!