Friday, June 11, 2010

Pulling My Hair Out

It has been a crazy busy week, and I am so glad that the weekend is finally here. Regardless of the mountain of homework and studying that lies ahead of me, I am thankful for a breather.

Earlier in the week my roommate Chris, Blake and Josiah decided that we wanted to go out to Martini Street Thursday night. Unfortunately we found out Thursday afternoon that there would be live music until 1am. Not what we were wanting. So we decided that we would go to Daisy Duke's. So after a quick wardrobe change, I put on my daisy duke shorts and cowboy boots, and I always thought that look wasn't cute, but I surprised myself and my legs looked long and lean :) it took me over an hour to do my hair, and here is the finished look.

I have so much hair and it was nearly impossible to get it all to stay. So I asked Chris to spray her Bed Head extra strong hold hairspray all over my hair. It was crunchy the rest of the night, but it stayed in place and was GORGEOUS!

We left around 1:30 since I had to be up at 8am Friday morning. I decided that I was so exhausted that I wouldn't bother doing anything with my hair and I fell into bed. A few minutes later I sat up in bed and realized that I would neverrrrrr be able to sleep with bobby pins stabbing the back of my head. So I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom to start taking my hair down. Once all the bobby pins were out, I hopped in the shower. Immediately I realized that this would be harder than I thought. Somehow my hair had gotten so tangled up that I couldn't get the twists out and suddenly there were HUGE KNOTS all throughout my long, straight, beautiful hair. I was in the shower for an hour trying to get those knots out, and they just wouldn't budge. Nothing was working. Major freak out.So, I jumped out of the shower, ran over to my desk and grabbed a pair of scissors. Yes, I had to freaking cut the knots out of my hair! I was crying part of the time because they hurt so bad but also because I really love my long hair and I am not ready to chop it all off yet. I think I ended up cutting 2 or 3 pieces of hair that were about 6-7 inches long. Thankfully I have SO MUCH HAIR that when I woke up this morning and blowdried my hair I could not find the strands that were left hanging. Which is good because I lost a ton of hair last night. I just am so thankful to have long thick hair! Now I look in the mirror and I can't even tell that some chunks were cut out. Yay!

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