Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kitchen Disaster

With school and work every day, I rarely get to sit down and enjoy breakfast. Not to mention this entire week I've been eating leftovers that my mom and dad sent me back with. This morning I decided that I wanted to cook again, and that I would make pancakes. I got everything ready, and turned on the burner I would be using. I turned back around to keep mixing the batter and turned back around to see smoke rising from underneath my skillet. I thought to myself, "why the hell is smoke coming from my burner??". So I turned the fan on, which only made the smoke worse. I lifted the skillet off the burner to find that there was an open flame burning on the drip pan. OMG WHAT DO I DO??? I CAN'T BURN THE ENTIRE APARTMENT DOWN!! I turned off the burner and the fan and did the only thing I knew to do and took a deep breath and blew on the fire like a candle (since fires can't survive without oxygen) and it immediately went out. Of course, the smoke detector went off but that only lasted for a few seconds.

I started to think, okay, what could be down there that would catch on fire? And then it hit me. Last Thursday when I left to go home, my roommate was planning to cook hamburger helper that night for dinner. When I got back here on Sunday and saw all the nasty dishes piled up in the sink, and I also checked to see if she used the dishwasher. Nope. Great, my roommate is a complete pig. On Monday I saw that she had used one of my other skillets to cook her dinner in, and it was sitting in the sink, hamburger helper all over the sides and the bottom. And then it hit me. She had cooked the hamburger helper and let it get down under the burner into the drip pan and never bothered to clean any of it up or even tell me about it, which led to it catching on fire and me to freak out. My roommate finally got up around 1pm and as she was walking out the door I stopped her and confronted her about it. Of course, she denies the entire thing, but who else could have cooked hamburger helper on our stove using one of my skillets? I haven't cooked at all since I've been enjoying my homeade leftovers. So I sternly told her that the burners work exactly like a grill and if something is left behind, it will burn off. And that next time she needs to clean up her messes, or even tell me and I'll show her how to clean it up.

Maybe she will learn a lesson, but I doubt it. She doesn't seem to be taking her responsibilities very well as an adult living on her own.

Next on my list of things to buy for the apartment: fire extinguisher.

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  1. To hell with the fire extinguisher... Buy yo self a stun gun..