Sunday, July 25, 2010

Super Excitement

When I was home last weekend, my mom mentioned that she saw Mr. Geeslin not too long ago. Totally weird that I met Emily freshman year, and that our parents work together occasionally. Small freaking world. Anyways, he was talking about how Emily was going to be getting her ring in the fall and asked when I would be getting mine. Sadly, my mom couldn't remember what I had told her. Which brings me to my super exciting news! I checked out the Aggie Ring website and they have my ring date listed!!! EEEEEEKKK! Its November 12th :D and I absolutely cannot in any way possible contain my excitement! It just shows that I'm one step closer to getting that fabulous piece of paper and closing a huge chapter in my life. In a way its bittersweet, but right now I'm just overjoyed and ecstatic!

This is exactly what my ring will look like, but instead of the "10" it will be "11" WHOOP! And I want my name engraved too.
And the best part is that my mom wants to pay for my ring as an Aggie mother-daughter thing. As if she hasn't helped me enough all these years! Oh and just fyi, my mom is class of '83. I have several extended family members that are Aggies too and I know they will all be just as excited as I am for finally getting my ring.

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  1. That's a pretty sweet ring.

    And that guy in the picture is tall! Wish I were taller...

    nice blog