Friday, July 9, 2010

Wisdom Removal

My friend Blake is getting his wisdom teeth out today, and I know he will do just fine during the operation room. To make him feel a little better, I told him about my experience of having my widsom teeth removed. When I was still in high school (and still wearing braces) my orthodontist noticed my wisdom teeth were coming in, and sent the x-rays to my dentist to confirm that if my wisdom teeth were to stay in they would eventually push all my other teeth together and screw up the work from FIVE YEARS OF BRACES. About a month later, I had an appointment with one of the few maxillofacial surgeons in Longview. My initial appointment was to make sure that everything would be okay during the surgery and that they really needed to come out. A few weeks after that, my parents and I sat waiting for the nurse to call my name to prep for surgery. They warned me it would be freezing in the operating room and that I wouldn't remember anything. They were right. The last thing I remember was sitting in the freezing OR and the doctor telling me to count backwards starting at 10. I only got down to 8 before passing out.

I don't remember much after the surgery, except that the sun was super bright when walking out to the car to go home. I remember being really thirsty. When we got home I immediately grabbed a cup and got some water. My mom warned me not to drink too much too fast since my mouth was still numb. I gulped down some water and started choking! The water had rushed to the back of my throat without me feeling it and I would have to guess that it went past my epiglottis and on down to my trachea. My mom freaked a little, and after that I didn't want any more water haha. I slept most of the rest of the day, and was really sore for about 2 days. The only other bad thing was the holes left behind; I had to be extremely careful and not get food trapped in the holes (totally impossible to do..) and I went to see my doctor again a week later and they packed the holes with some awful smelling and tasting paper towel material to keep the bacteria and food out of the tiny holes. Plus, it gave me an excuse to eat extra ice cream :)

PS. I am headed to go see Sammie this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED! Have a fantastic weekend!

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