Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good to Bad to Worse

First day as a senior started yesterday (obviously) and it was a pretty chill day. Both of my classes are in the morning, and I was done at 11:10am. So I came home, relaxed, did some laundry, went to a friend's for dinner, and stopped by campus to see Andrew for a bit. Today was a little tougher with getting into the swing of school and I had 3 classes to go to, one of them is at Blinn and parking was insane today! But I managed to find a spot thankfully. I ate lunch with Blake since we have a class together, drove home and caught the bus for class. Tia (my immediate supervisor) had called me last night and wanted to meet with me today to discuss some things. So after my class I walked over to Hotard to talk to her (plus I had to go sell a textbook too).

Unfortunately, I was nowhere near ready for what Tia was about to tell me. As the university continues to make budget cuts, Tia realized that her position with Access was only temporary as she was only extending her contract for as long as she possibly could and at any minute she could be cut from Access. She decided that it would be best for her to start applying for another job elsewhere. Thankfully, she got a job in the Leadership Organization Dept. in Koldus, but in order to start that job her last day with Access is Septebmer 17th. Which means Alvarado and Madison won't have Tia to go to if they need anything, and they will instead report to Arthur and Jenny. I was able to stop the waterworks but I teared up a little. I will miss her terribly, as she has been my boss for almost 2 years now.

After that, things just kinda went downhill. I went to my last class and just sat there, as exciting as the grad student was making it I couldn't quite focus on what she was saying. And of course she told the mentors at our meeting tonight. I don't know what is going to happen to Access as the year progresses. But I do know that this is turning out to be one of the saddest semesters I've ever had and I thought senior year was supposed to be fun and exciting. Maybe it will get better.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Life in Less Than a Minute

Okay, I know I needed to update forever and ever ago and I totally forgot to since I've been insanely busy and I'll keep it short since I'm busy today too getting things together for the first day of class tomorrow.

1. the camping trip with my mentors was awesome and everybody had a fantastic time!

2. Andrew and Erik got all moved in and I love their company.

3. I've been extremely exhausted the last week or so and today is my day to play catch-up.

4. Sammie arrived Wednesday night and she will be here until tomorrow :)

5. The freshmen retreat day was the longest ever. I was super happy when it was over.

6. I ORDERED MY AGGIE RING ON FRIDAY! Can't wait for November 12th!

7. I got a tattoo. Keep that on the down-low.

8. I dropped my sexuality class and picked up lifeguarding. We'll see how this goes.

9. I decided to rent my textbooks from Chegg instead of buying them and it saved me over $200, which is always good.

10. Tomorrow is the first day of class. Boooo.

And that's my life in less than a minute :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Celebration and a Working Sensation

So this weekend I went to see the boy at home, and I cannot wait for him to get here on Thursday! I arrived in Houston early Friday night after a long day of work, and most of my time was spent attached to him or helping his family in the kitchen. We were preparing for a celebration for his brother! We were up until 1am getting food ready and packed, and the next morning was spent cooking things and packing up and setting up. Austin, who is about to be 17, received his Eagle Scout Award on Saturday, which is a huge accomplishment if you know what guys have to do to receive that (I have no clue but I know Andrew got his and so did my dad, many years ago). It was super exciting and I know his parents are extremely proud of him. Sadly, I had to leave Saturday night and come back to work Move-In day. Yay for all the new little fishies to be here! Things seem to be moving much faster than I want them to, between work and getting ready for classes to start. But I would rather them be moving fast than not at all.

This week is jam-packed full of things to do, starting with today. We have the Welcome Carnival, and after that the CCs are getting together to work on some stuff for the freshmen retreat. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be gone on a camping trip with my mentors for that outdoors bonding time. Also on Wednesday Sammie should be coming to visit! Thursday is the freshmen retreats all day long, and Andrew will be moving in! So between having a great weekend and working all week, I'm already worn out from it all. Oh, while I was in Houston my female guppy, Betty, decided to pop (she was getting huge!) and have a million babies. No joke, there are probably 20-30 baby guppies in that tank. I don't know what to do with them! Andrew says find homes for them or flush them. So if you want a few fish, holla at me.

And the best part of the week is FRIDAY when I get to order my ring!! I can't belive it is almost here! Eeeeeeeeek! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess Who's Back

Back again. Shady's back. Tell a friend (and I know you read that in your awesome Eminem rapper voice). I've definitely noticed an increase in the population of people in the B/CS area. Yep, students are starting to come back for the start of a new semester. In the last two weeks I've had more people pull out in front of me and almost hit me than I did this entire summer. Crazy. And it's usually another woman driver. Which makes sense, most women are worse drivers. I was coming home from work on Monday and this older white lady flat out ran a stop sign, I didn't have to stop and I swerved and honked at her (she was driving a truck and it would have totaled my car) and of course, she was on her cell phone. Tuesday night I was headed home from a friend's apartment and I was on Wellborn about to take a left onto George Bush. I put my blinker on and this huge truck comes flying behind me just driving in the turn lane, like its a normal thing. So they were in front of me, no big deal right? Well, the truck turns and I turn right after them since nobody was coming. And then the truck who is maybe 3-4 feet away from me decides to swerve back into my lane after I had already turned (like in front of Aggieland Outfitters over there). I almost died. The next afternoon I went in to work for a few hours, and on my way down Texas this black girl pulls out from Lincoln (the street next to Best Buy) and tries to turn left. She stopped in my lane because there was oncoming traffic (not to mention I almost hit her because she pulled out in front of me) but was also sticking out in the oncoming lane. Stupid. Basically she got honked at (and almost hit) from both sides.

With all that being said, people here do NOT KNOW how to freakin drive! Apparently its like rocket science or something. And I also think the state of Texas should pass a law of no cell phones while driving. PERIOD. Or at least make them drive a standard vehicle for at least 5 years after getting their driver's licenses. Then you really have to pay attention to what you're doing.

Thanks for listening to me vent :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love...

I love thunderstorms.
I love Glee, The Big Bang Theory and True Blood.
I love ice cream.
I love my family and friends.
I love being tall.
I love my job and the amazing people I work with.
I love my hometown.
I love strawberry milkshakes.
I love basketball and football.
I love going to the beach.
I love scary/horror movies.
I love looking at pictures.
I love country music.
I love reading.
I love the time of the year in Texas where it's perfect.
I love big dogs.
I love my boyfriend.
I love shopping when I can find clothes that fit.
I love Texas, but most of all Northeast Texas.
I love the awesome A&M traditions.
I love babies.
I love the color turquoise.
I love having long hair.
I love to laugh.
I love wearing heels, but don't do it often.
I love pineapple.
I love Pandora.
I love pina coladas.
I love Yoplait yogurt.
I love my life.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pre-Crack of Dawn

It is super early for me to be awake, and I didn't sleep good at all last night. I have to be on campus at 8 and I'm sure it's going to be a very long day as fun as it might be. The sun isn't even out yet and it's supposed to rain all afternoon and later tonight. I love me some rain in CS! Sammie is coming to visit in 10 days and staying until classes start. Which reminds me, I need to get on the ball with ordering my textbooks. I'm broke enough as it is :( I hope I can sleep better tonight and not have a 2 o'clock crash at work. Today is my first real day of being the 2010-2011 community chair for Alvarado. I'm not counting the May mentor retreat since it was so long ago. CC loooooooove!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to Reality

Whew! It has been super busy these last few days. I just got back to CS a few hours ago, and I only have one more day off before jumping in headfirst with work and classes in a few weeks. But rather than focusing on that, I'll fill you in on what's happened with me this week. Megan's last day of work was Thursday, and we sat around the house and did a whole bunch of nothing. Later that night my best guy friend Marcus (the one who's on bomb squad and leaving for Iraq at the end of this week), my friend Libby (who I've known since we were babies), and Austin (known him since pre-k) met up at Buffalo Wild Wings for a few drinks. We talked about everything. Seriously. Mostly we reminisced about high school and talked about how much we would miss Marcus, plus made a few jokes and mentioned The Hurt Locker in there too. It was great to catch up and laugh. Friday my mom, sister, and I woke up super early to drive to Dallas and do some shopping! My most important item to shop for was a formal dress for my ex-stepmom's rehearsal dinner on September 17. After going to 2 prom stores, we decided to hit up the Galleria and shift gears. That mall is hugeeeeeeeeeeee. Like omg. We needed another day to check out all the stores! My purchases came from Forever 21, Sephora, and Macy's, who actually had a dress that was almost long enough for me! I couldn't believe it. A dress to fit me? And actually be long enough?!????!?!! Is it even possible?!?!?!! Oh yes it is. It's not my first pick, but it looks beautiful on me, but I wish it was just a teeny bit longer. All in all it was an awesome day and I have a few wonderful goodies (and a Christmas present too). I spent most of today packing and hit the road with enough time to make it here right as it was getting dark.

Today feels like just another day, boring and uneventful, but I know that after tomorrow things won't stop until December. I'm not ready for the semester to start but I don't really have a choice. I would love to just pause time and do absolutely nothing for a month or so! This next week is going to be packed for me with work every day but Wednesday from roughly 8-5. Grosssss.

PS. My friend Erik (ya know, the one who introduced me and Andrew) had minor back surgery on Friday the 13th and he is recovering well!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ho-Hum Kinda Day

Not much has been going on here at home, people have been blowing me off for whatever reason and I've been spending a lot of time with Dad since he's been kinda lonely lately. Yesterday I had 2 annual appointments, and the day before that I noticed that my lymph node on my right side below my jaw (my mandibular area, haha yay anatomy!) was sore and swollen. It's gotten worse every day, so yesterday I got a prescription for Amoxicillin to kick it in the butt. Though it seems like it hurts all the dang time no matter what I do.

I went and got my inspection done today, and my poor old car was having one problem after another! One guy came in and told me that a headlight was burned out and it would cost $5.95 to replace it, and I gave the okay to have it fixed. A few minutes later another guy came in again to tell me that the other one was burned out and that they would replace it. Right after that, the same guy came in and told me that they had taken the cover off my driver side headlight and that it hit the ground and broke but that I could fix it with some epoxy. Well that's just greeeeeeaaaaaaaaattt. Just what I need, as if my car wasn't in bad enough shape with being 18 and a half years old and having cancer. But my dad said we would get Winnie all fixed up and running and looking good again! Yay!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Home Again

So once again I am home! Tomorrow I have two doctor appointments, just annual checkups that I have been putting off since May. ooooooops. Leaving Andrew on Sunday was really hard and as usual I cried. Needless to say, there's absolutely nothing going on here. Megan's last day of work is Wednesday, and hopefully I can spend time with her instead of her making plans with her friends and me not seeing her at all. But we will see. I think there's talk of going to the Boardwalk in Shreveport or going to Dallas to do some shopping! I need to get on the ball and find a dress for my ex-stepmom's rehearsal dinner for her wedding, which is in mid-September. I hope I have good luck. My big thing is that I want a long dress, but I highly doubt I will find anything at all that's anywhere near long enough. *sigh* sometimes I hate being a tall Amazonian freak lovely lady. So if anybody knows of a store in Dallas that carries extra long clothes, let me know!

On a super exciting note, I made B's in both of my health classes! Which is good enough for me and it will still help my GPA out :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just What I Needed

So last night I decided that instead of sticking around in CS for the weekend I would ride to Houston with Andrew's roommate, Erik. He was actually the one who introduced us. Maybe I'll share that story in the near future. Anyways, he's doing summer school and comes home every weekend and my weekend plans fell through just like Andrew's did, so we were meant to spend the weekend together. So when I got in I was craving a margarita. Like crazy bad. Andrew called his friend Jake and we went to a bar and IHOP. We headed home to find two tow trucks partially blocking the road because a drunk driver failed to stop and drove into the house across the street (2 doors down on the opposite side of Andrew's house. We ended up staying up until 5am waiting for someone to board up the house. Staying up so late led to sleeping all day and being wide awake right now. I'm sleeping in Andrew's bed since he's house sitting so I'm not sleeping on an air mattress. Yay! My Andrew time was long overdue and I'm so glad to spend time with him cause I don't think I could have waited until the 21st to see him. I don't even wanna think about tomorrow and having to leave. I just got here!

On a side note, I've been listening to some Glee while laying in bed. Bring on season 2! Starts September 21st. Seems like 21 is a theme in this post. Maybe :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Nights

Finals are over and its time to celebrate! Well, not quite, but at least take it easy and chill before fall semester gears up. Last night was my Consumer health final, and I think I did pretty good on it. As for my Workplace final, I did okay but ended up getting a B overall. Of course I had to go talk to the grad assistant to see if I could get any extra points (I was 13 points away from an A people!) and I did but it still wasn't enough. So my B is satisfying. I was originally planning to just stick around here this weekend and do absolutely nothing but sleep and hang out with my friends, but then I realized that I could go see Andrew! Yayyyyyyyy! And if you can't remember from all the other millions of times I've talked about him, I haven't seen him since the 4th of July weekend. THAT'S BEEN OVER A MONTH! So I'm beyond excited to go see him.

I'm also still on the hunt for a couch and loveseat under $100, and Craigslist has become my best friend in doing so :)

Whatever you're doing this weekend, make it fun and awesome! And try to beat the heat. Its killer.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Down...

And one to go. Tonight was my workplace health final and I think it went well. I hope I made a really high grade on it cause I would love an A like I mentioned yesterday but a B works for me too. I have no motivation to study tonight so instead I watched 27 dresses. Love that movie! Tomorrow I'll probably spend the day cramming until 6pm. Plus my laptop is having some issues. I'm currently typing on my iPod touch since my laptop has a nasty Trojan virus on it. Which also means I can't get online with it and look over my review materials. I hope I don't see the blue screen of death tonight :( that would be the worst cause then I would have no laptop to work on until Monday night or Tuesday morning (whenever I plan to go home for dr appts). My plan is to get up tomorrow morning and study all day long. Wish me luck!

There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel

And I can almost see it! I have one final tomorrow night and another Thursday night and after that I am finished with summer school! Wooohooo! My only problem is that I have no motivation whatsoever to study. Making A's in both classes might be a little bit of a stretch, but B's are more feasible and will still help even though I really reaaaaaaaaallly want A's. I just need to get through these next two days and then I will be golden. To make things worse, I got sick on Sunday, a combination of allergies and other people (Megan and Seth) being sick too. I now have a scratchy throat and a runny/stuffy nose and I am sneezing all the dad-gum time! Somewhere, somehow I have to find some way to motivate myself through the next two days.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seth's Trip to Texas

So you should already know that my cousin Seth came down from California to visit all of us in Texas last week, and of course I had to go see him! I mentioned that the last time I saw him was a little over 2 years ago, and I am amazed with how much he has changed! I arrived at my grandparents house on Tuesday night, and it was just great to catch up with him (as well as getting to see my grandparents!) and hear all about what's been happening in Cali. To give some background, he is on my dad's side of the family (obviously) but his dad--my uncle--and his mom divorced when he was 3 years old and she and Seth moved back home with her parents. Megan took the day off work Wednesday and we spent most of our time with Seth. He wanted to go clubbing, but I had no idea where to go in Tyler. So instead we went to Racquet & Jog and bowling! P.S. there are several pictures!

Megan, Seth, and Ben. Seth and Ben are half brothers, but I think that Megan and Seth could pass for twins! And Ben always takes bad pictures like that.

I bowled THREE STRIKES the entire game! Yeahhh :)

I'm not gonna lie, this is one of the best pictures ever. Amazing. But it is a little scary.

The two oldest cousins! I think this is one of the best pictures I have ever take with Ben which is sad and he confessed that the flash scares him so he always looks scared.

Taking a self picture with the four of us was super hard, half of them came out blurry and the other ones had someone's head chopped off. Notice the Racquet & Jog shirts :)

Thursday night was our last night with Seth, and we were all really sad to have to say goodbye. And just a note for those of you who can reference how tall I am versus looking at Seth, he is 6'10" and only 18 years old and he has more growing to do!

It was a fantastic week getting to see him again, he has changed so much! I really wish he lived closer, but I am already trying to plan a trip to go see him next summer and that makes me even more excited about seeing him again!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boyfriend Blues

So earlier I was talking to Andrew and made the difficult decision to not see him this weekend, but instead go to Dallas for my friend's going away party. Marcus is shipping out to Iraq on August 20th, and he was recently reassigned to the bomb squad so seeing him is more important than seeing Andrew. Which sounds horrible in my mind, aren't you supposed to care more about the one you love with all your heart versus your closest friends? Oh well. The saddest part that comes to mind is that I may never see Marcus again, and I don't want to think about that even though there's a good possibility of that happening. We have been through so much since we met in 7th grade, and we have always been best friends. Getting back on topic, since I am going to see Marcus this weekend it means that I won't get to see Andrew. I haven't seen Andrew in 28 DAYS! (yes, I'm crazy and I've been counting the days). The next earliest time I might see him is on August 21st, which is 19 DAYS AWAY! And even then it might not work out, so I might as well just have to wait until he decides to move back into his dorm. We both miss each other like crazy, yet there's nothing we can do about it. But I need to get my mind off him so that I can prepare for my finals on Wednesday and Thursday. So the 21st of August needs to hurry up and get here!

p.s. some of you might say, "oh they haven't been dating that long, they aren't really in love". oh yes we are. in that crazy falling head-over-heels-grow-old- together-best-friends-forever-truly-madly-deeply in love kind of feeling. on wednesday we will have been together for 1 yr & 4 months :)