Monday, August 23, 2010

Celebration and a Working Sensation

So this weekend I went to see the boy at home, and I cannot wait for him to get here on Thursday! I arrived in Houston early Friday night after a long day of work, and most of my time was spent attached to him or helping his family in the kitchen. We were preparing for a celebration for his brother! We were up until 1am getting food ready and packed, and the next morning was spent cooking things and packing up and setting up. Austin, who is about to be 17, received his Eagle Scout Award on Saturday, which is a huge accomplishment if you know what guys have to do to receive that (I have no clue but I know Andrew got his and so did my dad, many years ago). It was super exciting and I know his parents are extremely proud of him. Sadly, I had to leave Saturday night and come back to work Move-In day. Yay for all the new little fishies to be here! Things seem to be moving much faster than I want them to, between work and getting ready for classes to start. But I would rather them be moving fast than not at all.

This week is jam-packed full of things to do, starting with today. We have the Welcome Carnival, and after that the CCs are getting together to work on some stuff for the freshmen retreat. Tuesday and Wednesday I will be gone on a camping trip with my mentors for that outdoors bonding time. Also on Wednesday Sammie should be coming to visit! Thursday is the freshmen retreats all day long, and Andrew will be moving in! So between having a great weekend and working all week, I'm already worn out from it all. Oh, while I was in Houston my female guppy, Betty, decided to pop (she was getting huge!) and have a million babies. No joke, there are probably 20-30 baby guppies in that tank. I don't know what to do with them! Andrew says find homes for them or flush them. So if you want a few fish, holla at me.

And the best part of the week is FRIDAY when I get to order my ring!! I can't belive it is almost here! Eeeeeeeeek! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it :)

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