Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess Who's Back

Back again. Shady's back. Tell a friend (and I know you read that in your awesome Eminem rapper voice). I've definitely noticed an increase in the population of people in the B/CS area. Yep, students are starting to come back for the start of a new semester. In the last two weeks I've had more people pull out in front of me and almost hit me than I did this entire summer. Crazy. And it's usually another woman driver. Which makes sense, most women are worse drivers. I was coming home from work on Monday and this older white lady flat out ran a stop sign, I didn't have to stop and I swerved and honked at her (she was driving a truck and it would have totaled my car) and of course, she was on her cell phone. Tuesday night I was headed home from a friend's apartment and I was on Wellborn about to take a left onto George Bush. I put my blinker on and this huge truck comes flying behind me just driving in the turn lane, like its a normal thing. So they were in front of me, no big deal right? Well, the truck turns and I turn right after them since nobody was coming. And then the truck who is maybe 3-4 feet away from me decides to swerve back into my lane after I had already turned (like in front of Aggieland Outfitters over there). I almost died. The next afternoon I went in to work for a few hours, and on my way down Texas this black girl pulls out from Lincoln (the street next to Best Buy) and tries to turn left. She stopped in my lane because there was oncoming traffic (not to mention I almost hit her because she pulled out in front of me) but was also sticking out in the oncoming lane. Stupid. Basically she got honked at (and almost hit) from both sides.

With all that being said, people here do NOT KNOW how to freakin drive! Apparently its like rocket science or something. And I also think the state of Texas should pass a law of no cell phones while driving. PERIOD. Or at least make them drive a standard vehicle for at least 5 years after getting their driver's licenses. Then you really have to pay attention to what you're doing.

Thanks for listening to me vent :)

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  1. I'm having very similar driving scenarios happen to me. It sucks. College Station drivers are just terrible - and slow. I feel your pain. But it'll hopefully calm down a little after the pesky parents leave. :)