Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ho-Hum Kinda Day

Not much has been going on here at home, people have been blowing me off for whatever reason and I've been spending a lot of time with Dad since he's been kinda lonely lately. Yesterday I had 2 annual appointments, and the day before that I noticed that my lymph node on my right side below my jaw (my mandibular area, haha yay anatomy!) was sore and swollen. It's gotten worse every day, so yesterday I got a prescription for Amoxicillin to kick it in the butt. Though it seems like it hurts all the dang time no matter what I do.

I went and got my inspection done today, and my poor old car was having one problem after another! One guy came in and told me that a headlight was burned out and it would cost $5.95 to replace it, and I gave the okay to have it fixed. A few minutes later another guy came in again to tell me that the other one was burned out and that they would replace it. Right after that, the same guy came in and told me that they had taken the cover off my driver side headlight and that it hit the ground and broke but that I could fix it with some epoxy. Well that's just greeeeeeaaaaaaaaattt. Just what I need, as if my car wasn't in bad enough shape with being 18 and a half years old and having cancer. But my dad said we would get Winnie all fixed up and running and looking good again! Yay!

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