Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just What I Needed

So last night I decided that instead of sticking around in CS for the weekend I would ride to Houston with Andrew's roommate, Erik. He was actually the one who introduced us. Maybe I'll share that story in the near future. Anyways, he's doing summer school and comes home every weekend and my weekend plans fell through just like Andrew's did, so we were meant to spend the weekend together. So when I got in I was craving a margarita. Like crazy bad. Andrew called his friend Jake and we went to a bar and IHOP. We headed home to find two tow trucks partially blocking the road because a drunk driver failed to stop and drove into the house across the street (2 doors down on the opposite side of Andrew's house. We ended up staying up until 5am waiting for someone to board up the house. Staying up so late led to sleeping all day and being wide awake right now. I'm sleeping in Andrew's bed since he's house sitting so I'm not sleeping on an air mattress. Yay! My Andrew time was long overdue and I'm so glad to spend time with him cause I don't think I could have waited until the 21st to see him. I don't even wanna think about tomorrow and having to leave. I just got here!

On a side note, I've been listening to some Glee while laying in bed. Bring on season 2! Starts September 21st. Seems like 21 is a theme in this post. Maybe :)

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