Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Life in Less Than a Minute

Okay, I know I needed to update forever and ever ago and I totally forgot to since I've been insanely busy and I'll keep it short since I'm busy today too getting things together for the first day of class tomorrow.

1. the camping trip with my mentors was awesome and everybody had a fantastic time!

2. Andrew and Erik got all moved in and I love their company.

3. I've been extremely exhausted the last week or so and today is my day to play catch-up.

4. Sammie arrived Wednesday night and she will be here until tomorrow :)

5. The freshmen retreat day was the longest ever. I was super happy when it was over.

6. I ORDERED MY AGGIE RING ON FRIDAY! Can't wait for November 12th!

7. I got a tattoo. Keep that on the down-low.

8. I dropped my sexuality class and picked up lifeguarding. We'll see how this goes.

9. I decided to rent my textbooks from Chegg instead of buying them and it saved me over $200, which is always good.

10. Tomorrow is the first day of class. Boooo.

And that's my life in less than a minute :)

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