Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Down...

And one to go. Tonight was my workplace health final and I think it went well. I hope I made a really high grade on it cause I would love an A like I mentioned yesterday but a B works for me too. I have no motivation to study tonight so instead I watched 27 dresses. Love that movie! Tomorrow I'll probably spend the day cramming until 6pm. Plus my laptop is having some issues. I'm currently typing on my iPod touch since my laptop has a nasty Trojan virus on it. Which also means I can't get online with it and look over my review materials. I hope I don't see the blue screen of death tonight :( that would be the worst cause then I would have no laptop to work on until Monday night or Tuesday morning (whenever I plan to go home for dr appts). My plan is to get up tomorrow morning and study all day long. Wish me luck!

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