Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seth's Trip to Texas

So you should already know that my cousin Seth came down from California to visit all of us in Texas last week, and of course I had to go see him! I mentioned that the last time I saw him was a little over 2 years ago, and I am amazed with how much he has changed! I arrived at my grandparents house on Tuesday night, and it was just great to catch up with him (as well as getting to see my grandparents!) and hear all about what's been happening in Cali. To give some background, he is on my dad's side of the family (obviously) but his dad--my uncle--and his mom divorced when he was 3 years old and she and Seth moved back home with her parents. Megan took the day off work Wednesday and we spent most of our time with Seth. He wanted to go clubbing, but I had no idea where to go in Tyler. So instead we went to Racquet & Jog and bowling! P.S. there are several pictures!

Megan, Seth, and Ben. Seth and Ben are half brothers, but I think that Megan and Seth could pass for twins! And Ben always takes bad pictures like that.

I bowled THREE STRIKES the entire game! Yeahhh :)

I'm not gonna lie, this is one of the best pictures ever. Amazing. But it is a little scary.

The two oldest cousins! I think this is one of the best pictures I have ever take with Ben which is sad and he confessed that the flash scares him so he always looks scared.

Taking a self picture with the four of us was super hard, half of them came out blurry and the other ones had someone's head chopped off. Notice the Racquet & Jog shirts :)

Thursday night was our last night with Seth, and we were all really sad to have to say goodbye. And just a note for those of you who can reference how tall I am versus looking at Seth, he is 6'10" and only 18 years old and he has more growing to do!

It was a fantastic week getting to see him again, he has changed so much! I really wish he lived closer, but I am already trying to plan a trip to go see him next summer and that makes me even more excited about seeing him again!

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