Friday, September 3, 2010

First & Midnight Yell

So tonight kicks off the annual first yell, featuring Bill Engvall, followed by the first midnight yell practice of the 2010 football season. Normally I would be excited about such a thing, but for some reason I'm not at all. College Station doesn't feel like my home anymore. It's weird, ya know? I mean I won't be graduating until next December so I have time to stick around here but I guess since I'm a senior its still different. Part of me doesn't even want to go, even though I paid $17 for my first yell ticket and Andrew says he will make me go to midnight yell whether I want to or not. Personally I would just rather sit at home and watch tv or a movie or something. And I had the brilliant idea for a date for Megan to midnight yell, and it was almost perfect (I saw the guy I wanted to be her date today) but since she's all hung up on the guy she met in Florida back in July that lives in Kentucky she doesn't have eyes for anybody else, even if the two of them never get any farther than talking on the phone. Apparently she hasn't heard of a summer romance and that it only lasts through summer. But I guess she'll learn one way or another, even if it leads to her heart getting broken again.

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