Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Moved to Monday

Today in class my professor decided to take a poll to see who would actually study tomorrow night for our exam on Friday. Obviously nobody will be studying because everybody will be watching the Aggies BTHO OSU. Weeeeeeeeeeeell....maybe not everybody. Which means that he moved our exam to Monday! Yes! A few extra days to study and read the last chapter on the exam. The only downside is that means 2 back to back exams on Monday morning, which means I will be a studyin' fool all weekend long minus going to see Devil on Friday night and Roxy & Josh's ring dunks Saturday night which I'm super duper excited about cause I'll get to spend some time with some fab Access people as well as my peeps from my old job that I haven't seen in FOREVER. Plus I have an exam tomorrow, booooooo.

If you have an exam tomorrow, good luck!

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