Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roses & Shoes

Lots of exciting things have happened since Friday night! Saturday Andrew and I celebrated 1 yr. and 5 months together and he bought me a dozen red roses the night before and they were absolutely beautiful :) there's a picture on facebook if you would like to see them (my sister took it on her iPhone so I don't have a picture) and pardon me for not having a vase to put them in yet. Saturday night the Aggies totally beat the hell outta SFA 48-7 and it was an awesome game! Did I mention that Andrew and I were on the 40 yd line directly behind the band? Great seats but sometimes it was impossible to hear or see. Afterwards, Megan, Andrew, Erik, and I went to Applebee's for some food and it was delicious. I was famished from standing that entire game. Today was pretty lazy, the usual church and lunch plus running lots of errands. We went to Ross, Big Lots, Academy, Spoons, and Walmart. Andrew was super nice and bought me some new sneakers cause my Nike Shox weren't gettin the job done at all. So I'm back to wearing my trusty New Balance sneaks. The strange thing is that I had to get a size 12 instead of 11 like I have in the past, which means my feet have grown a little more. Greeeeeaaaaaaatttt. But I think I'm gonna love them! And I can't thank Andrew enough for buying them for me :)

Megan will be leaving tomorrow but I will get to see her the weekend after next for Mary's wedding. I can't believe that its already here! And I'm pretty bummed that we don't have Labor Day off like everybody else does. Pretty dumb if you ask me. But oh well.

How was your weekend?

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