Friday, September 24, 2010

Soaked in the Shower

I walked out to the bus stop this morning and waited...and waited....and waited. And a bus eventually showed up about 10 minutes late. I wanted to get to campus early that way I would have a chance to prep for work this morning. Well those 10 minutes made all the difference in me getting to campus. As the bus got close to dropping everybody off, the clouds opened up and soaked everybody on campus. I was drenched even with my umbrella (plus my shoes might be nasty now). The majority of my students showed up late since they did not want to get out in the rain. About 2-3 minutes after I got to work the sunshine came out and it stopped raining. Unbelievable. Plus I washed my hair last night and it was all straight and pretty this morning. Not so much anymore. Eventually I got back home and its now the weekend and I have pulled everything out of my backpack hoping that it will dry and not ruin.

Did you get caught in the shower?

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