Sunday, October 17, 2010

Drinking (slightly gross)

So I am in the process of studying for one of my exams this week, and I was reading in my book about aversion therapy, specifically covert sensitization. This requires alcholics to imagine upsetting, repulsive, or frightening scenes while they are drinking. And then it listed some scenes therapists may tell a client to imagine. Which totally grossed me out (mostly because I had a bad experience when I was little with the scene being imagined).

I'd like you to vividly imagine that you are tasting the (beer, vodka, rum, etc.). See yourself tasting it, capture the exact taste, color and consistency. Use all of your sense. After you've tasted the drink you notice that there is something small and white floating in the glass--it stands out. You bend closer to examine it more carefully, your nose is right over the glass now and the smell fills your nostrils as you remember exactly what the drink tastes like. Now you can see what's in the glass. There are several maggots floating on the surface. As you watch, revolted, one manages to get a grip on the glass and, undulating, creeps up the glass. There are even more of the repulsive creatures in the glass than you first thought. You realize that you have swallowed some of them and you're very aware of the taste in your mouth. You feel very sick and wish you'd never reached for the glass and had the drink at all.

Yes I know that this would never happen but maggots just gross me out. We had a ton of them in the trashcan one time and I opened the lid and several flies swarmed around my head and a few maggots got really close to my hand and I have goosebumps just thinking about it. If you're still reading, that is why I will never become an alcoholic.

Back to studying!

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