Thursday, October 28, 2010

Enchanted Rock & Thunderbirds

I know I promised to put up pictures from my wonderful but super busy weekend trip, and here they are finally! Just for a quick recap, Andrew, Erik, Shala (pronounced Shayla) and I got up super duper early Saturday morning to drive to Enchanted Rock and do some quality hiking. I am one of those girls who NEVER went hiking as a kid, not to mention I'm waaaaay out of shape. Needless to say, I was dying in the first 5 minutes. Before hiking we ate our lovely packed sandwiches, thanks to the boys. And of course had to take a bathroom break. Erik's original plan was to camp overnight, but it didn't work out. In case you didn't know, the higher we went the windier it got so I apologize for the hair mess. On to the pictures!

This was about a quarter of the way up, just to make sure that everyone hiking was on the right track

Like I said, I got really really tired and was stopping all along the way :)

Eventually the boys had the idea of carrying me up the rest of the way, which I refused, but still made for a good picture

Getting closer to the top!

If you stand on this little thing you are at the highest point on Enchanted Rock. I felt so accomplished for making it all the way up there because the last little part had a very steep incline and I was afraid that I might not get enough traction on my shoes and I would slip and fall and roll all the way down and die. Sometimes I have a crazy imagination...

Such an amazing view!

You can see for miles...that little windy road is the road we came in on

This was my best attempt of getting a pictures of us with a nice view, and not have my hair going everywhere.

After we reached the top, Shala and Erik went on their way alone so that it would just be the two of them for the proposal. She was so surprised! She completely had no idea what was going on. And of course she said yes! I was so worn out that I wasn't in the mood for much more hiking so we went back down and relaxed on a bench.

You can read all about the mythical powers of Enchanted Rock :)

And of course I had to get a picture in front of the sign to remember the trip, even though it was pretty unforgettable

We got back Saturday night and had a little party at my place, and I kicked everybody out at midnight because I'm an old woman. Just kidding. But I was exhausted and the next morning would come too soon for a trip to the Wings Over Houston Airshow!

Andrew's all-time favorite jet, the F-15. He wishes they would do a flyover, but all we ever get are F-16's and F-18's (don't ask me what the difference is, all he says is that they are more awesome)

For the main attraction, the Thunderbirds performed! I should add that the Air Force Academy was going to give Andrew a full ride for basketball but instead he came here! Yay! Anyways, he thinks the Thunderbirds are sooooooo cool. Personally I like the Blue Angels more (they are the Navy jets) because I have seen them peform more at other airshows. By the time they got started, I was grumpy and hot and exhausted and didn't want to stick around. But Andrew snapped a few pictures, none of which I like but I'll share anyways.

Their second flyover, there are 6 jets and normally they divide up 4 and 2 and fly together. Andrew was like a kid in the candy store. No joke

Four jet formation

Two jet formation

My personal favorite is when all six jets fly together, but sadly I wasn't able to snap a picture of that. We also stopped at Andrew's house going both ways, and mooched a meal from the parentals. His mom is so sweet and Andrew tells me all the time that she loves me a whole lot. Which is awesome because she might be my possible-mother-in-law and not my monster-in-law one day :) oh, after this weekend I realized that I have the worst shorts tan line EVER. It looks so goofy. Oh well.

Thanks for sitting through all my interesting (or boring pictures) and I hope you enjoyed them! I highly recommend going to Enchanted Rock or the nearby city just to check it out. I am actually really dying to go back to the town because it is one of those small touristy towns with a home grown feel.

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