Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Love-Hate with my Nail Polish

I have a love-hate relationship with fingernail polish. I love it on my toes, even though its kinda hard to get all the way down there :) and I love every single color of the rainbow. But for some reason I think it looks odd on my fingernails. Maybe it's because I don't wear it often enough so I'm not quite used to it. Or maybe it's because I grow my nails out naturally and think long nails with polish just looks weird. I got fake nails about a month or so ago (you can read why I had to get them here) and because of that, my nails suck. Like, they break and tear all the time. And it is driving me CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY. So I figured that if I were to paint my nails, they would look better and stay intact. And they do, I just don't like the way they look. Andrew noticed my nails immediately and didn't really like it mostly because he has never seen my nails done. Plus I painted them a reddish-maroon color and he says that every time he looks at my hand he thinks it's blood and freaks out for a second before realizing what it is. Funny guy.

Do your nails ever look weird with nail polish? How do you manage with it?

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