Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Call Me Susie Homemaker

Yep, its pretty much official. I've changed my name to Susie Homemaker. Just kidding. This week I have been on a cooking/baking craze. I went to the store on Wednesday and spent over $70 just on groceries alone. Yesterday for dinner I made chicken noodle soup, which was a little bit salty but still eatable. And eatable is totally a word...because I said so. Then after dinner I decided to prep early for my potluck dinner on Sunday and made 2 buttermilk pies which took so much longer than I was expecting. And today I made some pumpkin bread and cereal haha. Sadly I am almost out of eggs, otherwise I would have made some banana bread too.

I have no idea what has gotten me into this whole cooking craze, I know I used to LOVE watching Food Network on Saturdays instead of watching cartoons like normal kids. And I LOOOOOOVE to eat. Which explains the belief that fat people are the best cooks! (and no, I'm not calling myself fat, but I'm a pretty damn good cook). Plus my grandma used to be able to cook just about anything and everything, but now that she's gotten older its harder on her and she doesn't cook much like she used to. Or perhaps its just the fact that now that I'm finally in an apartment and actually have a little time to cook that I'm just going crazy with it. Additionally, I find that cooking and baking really seem to help me de-stress. Which is always what I need :)

There's one website that I just recently found, and I am a little obsessed with it. Just a little. I haven't yet had a chance to look through all the recipies, but the pictures look amazinggg. It's called Joy of Baking and you should check it out!

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