Saturday, November 20, 2010

There Goes my Memory Again

Since coming to college I have become more and more forgetful every day. Maybe its from stress, maybe some medication, or maybe I just have too much going on. Who knows. Tonight at 8pm was my registration for my spring semester classes. I have a post-it on my desk as a reminder AND I also put a reminder on my phone to go off 15 minutes before registration opened. Unfortunately, I fell asleep while waiting for Andrew and Erik to come over, and once Sammie arrived I forgot all about my classes and how important they were. We went out for dinner, then came back and decided to watch a movie (thank you, Redbox!) and that was it. The guys left, Sammie fell asleep on the couch and I organized my room a little bit before hopping in the shower. About 2 minutes after being in the shower I remembered about registration. I couldn't just jump out of the shower though, I had already started the lengthy process of washing my hair and wasn't about to drip water everywhere. So I waited, and after getting out of the shower I called Andrew to respond to a text he had sent and he could tell I was freaking out and even he felt bad for not helping me remember or that I didn't remind him that it was tonight. Thankfully, registration for whatever reason hadn't closed yet! Normally it closes on the weekends and I was gonna hafta wait until 5am Monday morning to register. Sick. But I got all the classes I want with the exception of Drugs & Society. Its one of my in-high-demand health classes and they first force graduating seniors in before letting other students register. Technically I should be a graduating senior, but I'll have to wait until the fall semester for it to really count. So I have to wait until open registration in January to get into that last class.

Major freak-out avoided. Score!

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