Friday, December 3, 2010

Survival of Hell Week

Hey y'all! It's been forever since I've updated and things have been crazy and are finally over. I'm sure you're wondering what all has been happening, and I have lots to tell! Ok, well maybe not that much but more than normal :)

Thanksgiving was wonderful but way to short, I only got to spend about a day with my entire family (including Mom and Meg) and then everybody was gone and I went to Andrew's for the remainder of the weekend. One of my cousins going to UTMB recently bought Just Dance 2, made for Wii, and I'm obsessed! My family got the first one whenever it came out, but this one is SO MUCH BETTER. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting this for Christmas! And I can't forget about the great football game! The Aggies did great, and I'm looking forward to next season already! The Cotton Bowl is in January, and I might be going. Mom wants to go, and maybe some other family will join us too and we will have a blast.

Just to tell you what I had: 1 paper, 1 presentation, 3 exams, and 3 finals. All the week after Thanksgiving. Crazy huh?!? Monday kicked off the week I had been dreading all semester. I spent my free time studying and working on the video presentation. Tuesday I had one final and one exam, Wednesday was another exam, which I made a 100 on, whoop! I was caught in the middle of being right between an A and a B but thankfully my prof curved my grade just a hair :) overall I had an 89.49 and that has never happened in any of my college courses. Yesterday was the worst day of them all. I had a final for my kinesiology class, then an exam for a psychology class, and last but definitely the most important, my medical terminology final. I made a B in the class. Whew. Today I've just been coasting downhill and trying to clean up the messes around apartment since I haven't done anything but study this week. Yay?

Additionally, I've had a nasty cough since before the Nebraska game (about 3 weeks) and it was starting to get better but then Thanksgiving day it got really bad again and has been bad ever since. Nothing that I take seems to be working; I've tried cough drops, peppermint, cough syrup, dayquil and nyquil, mucinex, an OTC 24 hour allergy relief, and even a prescription. I'm not coughing anything up either. But there have been times where I almost can't breathe because I'm coughing so hard and I draw lots of attention to myself. The other people at the SCC taking their final last night loved me I'm sure.

Oh yeah, my sister got a new(er) car as a gift from my ex-stepmom and her new hubby AND a plane ticket to Kentucky for the Christmas holidays. Ugh. Aren't you supposed to spend Christmas with your family and not some boy that you met over summer that lives 600 miles away? Or am I the crazy one? Oh, and I'll be getting a newer car from them too as an early graduation present because they don't want it anymore, they have another new Lexus to drive, one for her and one for him (from the wedding). But I'm thrilled to have a newer vehicle and I can't wait to get it.

I have no plans for the weekend except to take a whole bunch of Vitamin C and get lots of sleep. Relaxing weekend, here I come!

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