Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pictures As Promised

So if you didn't read my blog yesterday you missed out. Not really. Anyways, I had about 50 or 60 pictures to sort through and I finally got them off my mom's camera and started looking through all the photos we had taken. If you don't feel like looking at several pictures, come back tomorrow :)

My mom and me before getting on the road to head to Dallas for the game. I'm wearing the Santa hat that Andrew's family gave me :)

I was super excited to see Little Big Town perform the national anthem before the game. Like OH MY GOSH I LOVE THEM!

The Aggies warming up before the game. Kinda gives you an idea of where we were sitting. The seats actually weren't too shabby!

The great guys next to us were happy to take a picture for us. I could have sworn that I knew the guy on the very end of the row on the other side of us. But I just couldn't put my finger on where I knew him from.

I forgot to take any pictures at the beginning of the game, and I think this was sometime in the 2nd quarter. Sadly, LSU was kicking a field goal after scoring a touchdown.

Do you remember me mentioning the snow? We had about an inch and a half to two inches. Total proof in the following photos :)

Doesn't the house just look beautiful? Just ignore that the Christmas lights are still up (and so is our tree)

My cute car covered in snow on Sunday afternoon

Yay for a family snow picture! Thank goodness that my parents (when they were still married) lived in Utah for a few years and know exactly how to handle the snow and have the proper gear for this kind of cold weather.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures! Just a little tidbit of weather information for those of you living down farther south, the temperature outside is about 20 degrees and should get down to 17. Better bundle up tonight!

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