Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick Weekend Recap & Snow Days

Happy Monday friends! It seems like I haven't updated in a week. Not much has happened since then, but a few exciting things did happen.

Friday was obviously the bowl game, and even though we kinda got creamed it was still the experience of a lifetime. The Cowboys stadium was unbelievable. The Aggies had a fantastic first play, but things started going downhill before halftime. I was really excited that the Kilgore College Rangerettes performed before the game and at halftime not only because they are famous, but because I know girls who were and are Rangerettes. It was pretty nifty. Unfortunately all of my pictures are on my mom's camera and I can't find it. I will try to post them soon!

Saturday my mom and I made a plan to hit up a tall womens' store and Terry Costa to search for a dress for Ring Dance. Unfortunately, the tall womens' shop closed down some time ago which was a bummer so we headed on to Terry Costa. I have never seen so many prom dresses to choose from in my life. PS. this was the same store that my sister found her prom dress at last year and I was praying for my life that they would have a dress that would be long enough. I didn't care about anything else, just as long as it was long enough. I probably tried on 20 or 25 dresses and narrowed my choices down to three. At the same time, Megan was driving over to see what the Lexus dealership could do for her car (the car needed new brakes and as they were replacing the brakes a whole slew of problems popped up). So after all of that got worked out, she helped me decide which dress to get. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.....

Ta-dum! I know, I know. You can't really see it, so go here to get a better look at it. Yes, it is a plus size dress. No I am not a plus size person. Plus sizes offer more in the way of length, and there is a black shawl that comes with it. It does need to be altered just a bit because I don't quite have enough stuff up top to fill it up. The most exciting part is that it is only about an inch too short!! I have NEVER had anything that long and I am thrilled!

Sunday was uneventful until it began to snow at about 1pm. I was beyond excited. But because Megan was sick my mom didn't want her playing out in the snow, we didn't get the chance to enjoy it until much later. And once again, all the pictures I took are on my mom's camera. But I stole a few pictures from my dad to put up to keep you entertained for now!

The front of my dad's house all covered in snow. Obviously you can tell that its his house because of the giant footprints :)

Megan and I in front of our house, chunking snowballs at our mom. But she didn't want to get pelted with snow. Oops :)

Oh, for those of you that go to school with me, what the heck is up with all this stuff going on at the Wellborn/George Bush Mickey Ds? How crazy. Glad I don't live over there.

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