Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Just Hate Being Burned Out

So tomorrow morning I have an exam for my Drugs class, and I've done no studying whatsoever. I tried studying earlier but that didn't quite work out and instead of studying tonight I watched the Oscars. Wuups. I'm sure I talk about this all the time (at least to Andrew) about how I'm going to suffer through another 3 and a half years of school. For me and my college career, I have gone through school non-stop (thankfully I've never done a winter or spring minimester, but summer school all the way) since starting in August of 2007. Thinking about that makes me feel kinda old.

On a much happier note (as in not school) I stopped by Petco to see Lainey on Saturday, but unfortunately they didn't bring her this weekend. So I'll have to go back again next weekend! This weekend has been rather uneventful, Sammie came to visit for the weekend but we've been bums. I think the highlight of my weekend--besides seeing the other adorable puppies at Petco--was that today the intramural team (team Winks!) I'm on won our 3rd consecutive game, which means we are going to the playoffs (and if we win there's something involving food I think) which will be after spring break. We won 75-44, once again with the help of the mercy rule. As usual, I was absolutely worthless on the court. Oh well.

I should stop procrastinating and get back go work. Gross. How was your weekend?

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