Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shots & an Unusual Encounter

I'm starting to run out of catchy/cute blog titles (it was originally "a video and a weird story"). But that sounds a little better. I forgot to add a video that I wanted to show everyone to yesterday's post. You should read it first then watch the video. It adequately illustrates my Saturday night (and Betsy's too!)

If you read all the way to the end of my post yesterday, I mentioned something about starting to work out on a regular basis. I have a midterm on Thursday and I was up until almost midnight studying for it. I was so tired but I remembered that I had made that promise to myself. So I walked/jogged 2 miles, did some weights to tone up my flabby arms, and worked my abs so I can show off my summer body once it gets warm enough ;) swimsuit season here I come! Since I stayed up later than normal, my butt is really dragging today and I once again am feeling the need for a nap.

Oh, I have another weird/creepy/unusual story to share again! About 2 weeks ago I was heading to Koldus for an OT Society meeting. I walked towards the hallway and saw this really tall guy watching me (like, this guy is taller than Andrew and maybe even taller than my dad). When I got right next to him I looked and said "wow, you're tall" like I do whenever I see a super tall guy or gal. And he said, "so are you! you almost come up to my chin!" hah. Since that evening I have seen him 4 or 5 times just randomly around campus. I've seen him at the TAMU SCCC (students for concealed carry on campus) table a few times (because the table is stationed behind the Academic Bldg/in front of the Cushing Library area and every day my first class is in Harrington so I have to walk right by it and he's always working there). Yesterday he was working at the TAMU SCCC table when I wanted to get some info about their new t-shirts and upcoming CHL classes. He introduced himself to me, his name is Nick. Today I saw him as I was headed to work, but I was running late so I didn't really have time to chat. Then as I got ready to go home, he hopped on the bus, I smiled and said hi but that was the extent of our conversation. I think girls make him nervous cause he seems like that nerdy-I've-never-even-kissed-a-girl kind of guy. It's cool that he's tall (cause tall people are pretty awesome) but at the same time it's kinda weird. Okay, really weird. But he's nice, so I suppose I should be nice too (until he develops a crush for me and then he will be devastated. but I would feel mean for doing that. I've never had this sort of issue...I have no idea what to do). I'll keep you posted as to how this all goes.

Yay for unusual stories! Have a terrific Tuesday!

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