Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sometimes Being Tall Sucks

It really does. I have had the most disasters out of anybody I know (besides my sister) when it comes to trying to find clothes and shoes. I HATE IT. I'm not skinny like the models out there, I'm borderline plus size almost. Which makes it even harder because everyone offers sizes 0-10 but once you get up to the 14/16/18 area the pickings are slim. And I know short people say the same thing, oh my gosh its so hard for me too, but from my point of view it would be easier to take away length than adding length would be (plus it's cheaper too). And short people never have to go to specialty stores to find the right fit. It bothers me to no end that I have no clothes that are nice. For example, I'm doing some OT volunteering this semester and there is a required dress code (professional dress, no jeans). I felt extremely embarassed to have to ask if I could bend the rules because I only have one pair of slacks and didn't want to wash that one pair of black slacks every week. And I still feel bad about wearing jeans every time I go. Plus, its not just finding long pants either. I'm talking about dressy shirts, t-shirts, shoes, dresses, skirts and almost every article of clothing that exists. My mom keeps saying how we are going to find a seamstress who will make me a few essential pieces that I can wear with almost anything. But that won't be happening any time soon. Sometimes I wish that I could just donate my height to all of those people out there who want to be just an extra inch taller. Or that I could just chop off my legs lol. I am actually starting to worry for my future kids. My babies are gonna be huge. Especially if Andrew is the dad. And they might be miserable. Like I am right now. Yeah, yeah I know many people out there would love to be tall and I should love being tall. But having to spend so much extra money that I don't have on clothes that I need sucks (like my jeans that run anywhere from $80-$110). Big time. And there aren't any cheap(ish) specialty stores that I have found. Not in Houston, not Dallas, nowhere. Or they are for older women (30+ years old) and those clothes definitely aren't cute. And to make things worse, clothes in general just seem to be getting smaller and shorter. What the heck??! ARGH!

So the last few weeks I've started my hunt for spring dresses. Yes, I know it is February and it snowed a few days ago and it might snow again tomorrow but I have to start these things super early. And I have several special occassions to attend this spring/summer including Ring Day, graduations, and two weddings, so I definitely need to get away from my frumpy t-shirt style to classy, chic, girly style! I've hit up 5 or 6 stores (some online) and I haven't found hardly anything. But I did have success this afternoon after seeing a dress at Old Navy and I bought it but now I am having second thoughts about it :( but my sister is coming to visit this weekend and she will point me in the right direction!

In addition to all of these issues, today I went to get my dress for Ring Dance altered, even though it isn't until April 30th. It cost me $60 to have it altered. Geez. Maybe I need to learn how to sew my own clothes.

AAHHHHHHHHHHHH!Thanks for listening to me complain. I've never been this frustrated with finding clothes.

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