Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strange Feeling

Tonight I have absolutely NO homework. I made plans to catch up on Glee and Teen Mom. Only problem is that both are currently unavailable. So I've just been goofing off and playing on the internet. I'm sure there are things that I could get a head start on, but after my exam this morning (which I think I did awesome on) I feel like I deserve a break. But I'm not used to having this kind of free time on my hands. Andrew has been up to his eyeballs in homework so they only chance I get to see him is when I go to campus to study with him or Thursday nights when he comes over for The Big Bang Theory. I feel like we are in a long distance relationship. Its weird. But I'm adjusting.

So....wanna hear my creepy/weird story? Early last week my roommate showed up with a weird, creepy, gross looking guy. She never mentioned anything about it to me, and he just left today. Apparently he is from Kansas and came to visit because it was Valentine's Day. They met online. So my senses and tension have been through the roof. I didn't know anything about him, didn't know why he was here, and didn't know when he was leaving. Talk about creepy. Sometimes I was even skeptical to go to sleep. You would think that my roommate would at least give me a heads up about a stranger staying here for a week but apparently not. I almost called her parents, but that would just make a huge mess. I talked to management and there wasn't anything they could do. I'm just glad that he's gone. I also think that she's being a total hypocrite because of what she has said to other people versus her own actions aka telling them what they should and shouldn't do when it comes to meeting people. Makes me sick. Glad I filled you in :)

So this week has been a week of strange feelings. But this week is almost over. Whew.

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