Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update!

Hey friends! Another Monday is upon us already! These last few days (since my last post) have been very exciting and busy, with the exception of Thursday. Absolutely nothing happened then. But Friday was filled with class and work, kissing Andrew goodbye for the last times this semester (hooray! no more work in Houston, boo for no more money) and hanging out with Andrew's roommate Erik and his fiancee Shala. The two of them had a few things to do earlier in the evening, so I just relaxed at home and got caught up on Glee (like I said I would) and Dexter (almost done with season 5). We went to go see Just Go With It, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It was hilarious! I highly recommend that you go see it. Saturday morning consisted of a home-cooked brunch, cheesy eggs with biscuits and gravy, and can't forget the bacon! It was delicious. The afternoon was spent picking up my dress for Ring Dance, going to the range, Blockbuster, and HEB. Later that night we went to Betsy's ring dunk. If you want to see the video, go here. She did a great job and of course it's always funny to watch people afterwards. About 2 hours later, Erik, Shala, Deen (one of Erik's friends) and I decided that we should hit up Northgate :) and we had a great time! We went to the Dry Bean first, then the Tipsy Turtle before walking to Ihop because Deen wanted a burger and all the grills on NG closed at midnight. Sunday morning included church and lunch with Erik and his brother Andrew at my favorite place in the world, Newk's. If you haven't been, call me RIGHT NOW AND WE WILL GO. I was pretty lazy the rest of the afternoon until Andrew got back and we had our 2nd intramural game of the season. Once again, we won (50-20) and they stopped the game early (once again) because of the mercy rule in place. It was awesome. Our next game is Sunday at 4:45 at the Rec so you should come watch!

Today has been unexciting so far. I've been really tired this past week and I attempted to go to bed early. Total fail. I laid in bed for nearly 2 hours before falling asleep, only to wake up 3 hours later. Definitely not cool. I think I feel a nap coming along in the near future. OH I just remembered my exciting news. Shala asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding (of course I'm a third backup, the first girl had to cancel, and the second girl is an old friend so they aren't really friends anymore) so she asked me. Which means Andrew and I will walk down the aisle together at their wedding :) cuteness (but at the same time perhaps a little weird).

Oh, I think today I am going to start working out. For now just some simple jogging/walking and using my 5 lb weights to tone up my flabby arms. My sister and I have this funky problem, we grew so fast that our skin/fat/muscle hangs down on our arm when we hold it up. I'm sure most everyone has something like this, but ours is much more noticeable. So, if you need a workout buddy, holla at me :)


  1. She'd better not be getting married on June 11!! :-P

  2. No worries Ashley! Her wedding is on May 21st