Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Word of the Day

This morning in my Neuroscience class today we were talking about action potentials. If you want to know more about action potentials, go here. Right now I am feeling too tired to even bother explaining it. Anyways, we were almost finished with the lecture when we came to a slide that had quite a bit of information on it. But there was one word that stuck out to everyone. Deinactivated. My prof said that it was a horrible word and that it drives English people crazy. Like me. I could not get that word out of my head. Crazy. So I didn't really even focus on anything else that was said in class because all I could think about was the strange word that I had just seen.

Everything else was pretty boring today, I really hate this cold weather. Tomorrow is my first exam of the semester and I haven't studied much. More like not at all. So the rest of my afternoon and evening will be spent studying for that exam. Boooo.

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