Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snarky Girls

**WARNING: This post may be a little VERY snarky.**

So everyone out there should know that there are "Man Laws" out there that is an unwritten set of rules that all guys must follow. Or perhaps you've heard the phrase "Bros before Hoes" (this totally just made me giggle a little bit). One of Andrew's friends recently broke this Man Law. Anyways, back around Super Bowl time I noticed something a little unusual going on between these two said people. Then over spring break said guy was always too busy or said that he already had plans, and wouldn't hang out with Andrew. The Brad Paisley concert came and went, and by then it was completely obvious to me. He was blowing Andrew off because he is now dating Andrew's ex. I have no idea why it bothers me so much, but it does. Maybe it's because said girl treated Andrew like total shit and I hate her for it (but I am still nice to her, I promise!). Or maybe it's because I feel like said guy should have at least told Andrew what he was up to rather than avoiding him completely. I thought said guy had way better sense than to date her. Andrew and I used to hang out with said guy often, but now that this chicky is in the picture, I honestly don't want anything to do with her. All she ever talks about is herself, and the first time I met her was AWFUL. She was mean and irritating and stuck up and she drove me crazy. I couldn't stand it! Andrew is so much happier without her in his life. And without her treating him like she did, I wouldn't be with him, so I guess I do have to be grateful for that.

I think that if their relationship had NOT ended the way it did, this wouldn't bother me at all. I might even actually like her and everything would be peachy-keen. But because of the way things happened, it really bothers me. So what do I do? Keep being friends with them because it's the nice thing to do even though all the while she is irritating me and because I care about him and don't want to see the same thing that happened to Andrew happen to him? Or should I just pretend that they've both fallen off the face of the earth?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Erik Should Never Play Outside

So in case you don't remember me mentioning from my post-spring break update that I had a bunch of little stories to tell you, I do. And I think I've finally got some spare time to sit down and write. Hooray!

This story is about Andrew's roommate, Erik. I met Erik a little over 2 years ago in a Polisci class, which we both hated and Erik is the reason Andrew & I are together. I don't think I've told the story about Andrew and me, or maybe I have and I just don't remember (if I have you should tell me!) or I've always said I will and I haven't yet. Who knows. Anyways, this post is dedicated to him.

Erik and Andrew have known each other (almost) their entire lives because of boy scouts. When Erik was somewhere in the 8-12 age range, he went on a church trip with a large group. And being a rowdy boy, he would always run around. While camping (or whatever it was) he was playing around outside and managed to trip over a railroad tie and his stomach landed on the tie. I think he felt okay for a little while, but then problems started happening, most importantly skin discoloration and pain in his abdomen. The next day the chaperones decided that he needed to go to the ER. According to Erik, the doctor said he had severe internal bleeding and would have been dead in the next 2-3 hours if he hadn't gotten medical attention. The fall ruptured one of his renal arteries, and he needed a blood transfusion, which he got immediately. He survived, but was in the hospital for quite some time and ended up losing a lot of weight (maybe 30-40 pounds?).

Fast forward to spring break. Erik went on a camping trip with some friends/family starting on Monday. Andrew forgot that he was camping and decided to call him up on Wednesday to hang out. Surprisingly, Erik answered his phone and was once again on his way to the ER, this time because he had fallen on a log and gashed open his leg. He got 11 stitches (whoop!) in his leg and its been oozy and leaking puss and he's not allowed to do any strenuous physical activity like running.

And that is why Erik should never play outside. Too many wooden objects that he hurts himself on. I don't know if he will ever learn :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Not Listening to a Lecture

Hey friends! What a busy weekend I had! PS--the reason for my status is that I'm watching a video lecture for my online class, Human Sexuality, and it is covering sexual behaviors. Awkward. So I'm updating instead!

Like I said...I had a busy weekend! Thursday night my sister came to visit for the weekend again, and I was super excited to see her as usual. Friday I had an exam that was awful, but I managed to survive. After classes Megan and I ran a few errands to HEB and Target. Friday night we went out to dinner with Andrew and Erik (Andrew's roommate) and one of Erik's nerdy friends, Daniel. I have a picture of Erik and Daniel sharing a drink at dinner, but it was taken on Megan's iPhone so if you want to see the picture go to Facebook and find it. After dinner, we came back to my place and played Taboo. Love that game!

Saturday kicked off Big Event, and I had a great time! My group was assigned to rake leaves and wash windows at a house in Bryan. The host was so kind and thankful to have our help. She mentioned to us that the jobs we were doing were the jobs that her husband used to do for her. Sadly, he lost a 19 year battle with cancer in 2008, and it seems like she is still adjusting to the loss. After our job, she ordered pizza for us! Yum! I came home, showered, and took the longest nap ever. Saturday night was dinner, and Megan and I went to see Red Riding Hood. That movie was awesome and it had a great twist to the ending. You should go see it!

Sunday was the birthday party day. My mom's side of the family has numerous birthdays in March and April (March 17, 28, 29, April 1, 2, and 4) so we had about half the family show up to celebrate all the wonderful birthdays in the family. Of course, Megan and I only told the party hosts (our Aunt Denise & Uncle Gary, who are Megan's godparents) that we were coming. And how surprised everyone was to see us! Andrew went too, and I think everyone is used to him being part of the family now. He fits right in with the rest of us! We had a fantastic time seeing everyone and the food was delicious. On our way back, we took a little extra time and stopped by Andrew's house to see his family and so he could pick up a textbook. I got to see all of his brother's senior pictures (he's so handsome!) and Megan got to watch Kentucky win. Yay for the Mens' Final Four! And we came back here and did absolutely nothing. It was a grand weekend!

Today has been super productive seeing as how I did NO HOMEWORK WHATSOEVER this weekend. Of course, Megan left today and went home. I won't see her again until Easter, but I'm super excited about being home for summer and getting to spend a lot of time with her! And now my lecture is finally over, so its time for me to read the book and take the quiz. Oh boy.

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On My Heart

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I spent a few days in Houston with Andrew. On Sunday we went to church (he's gone there his entire life) and then to Sunday school. I always look forward to seeing the college group leaders and the few people who are there that I know from going on summer retreats in the past. And there's one guy named Alex that Andrew is pretty good friends with. Alex and his wife Stephany got married early in life, and moved out to Midland over a year ago (I honestly can't believe it's been that long). Anyways, Alex was visiting for a work conference and asked if he could do a testimony sort of thing during Sunday school. He ended up telling everyone that they had been called to go to Africa to do mission work. Of course, they might have preferred to go to South America where they can both speak Spanish fluently but God works in mysterious ways. So Alex will be quitting his job and they will be leaving in August with nothing but a backpack and just seeing where God takes them. Kinda weird, huh? Then Alex asked everyone a serious question. I don't even remember the question but I remember thinking "what if I've been to busy with school to listen to what God is trying to tell me?" and then I thought "if I'm on the wrong track, then I won't get into OT school". Right? I don't know. Sometimes (or most of the time) when my head hits my pillow at night I forget to pray. I don't read my bible often, just at church because I don't make time for it. I've got a long ways to walk.

But what I do know is that God is doing great things in people's lives every day. I just need to open my eyes and heart more to see him. We all need to have faith!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Back From the Break

Wow, I can't believe that it's been over a week since my last update. Sorry about that! I tried to stay away from a computer most of the time so I could enjoy the break as much as possible. The 3 and a half days spent at home were nice, I got to catch up on my sleep (yay!) and catch up with people I haven't seen in quite some time.

*note*: I have tons of pictures of these people but they all happen to be on the desktop at my mom's house. so, pictures may come later. but it's doubtful. I also considered the option of using facebook pictures and decided against it. I really need to start using my camera more.

Anyways, I got to spend some time with Marcus and Corie! Yay! Marcus is my best guy friend from high school. We met in 7th grade. And he's short. But I love him to death. He was on leave for the last 2 weeks from Iraq, and I am super excited that he will be coming back for good in August. When I say for good, I mean for at least 19 months. Or something like that. But he hasn't changed at all. Except that we both drink ;)

Corie and I have known each other since middle school. She's a year younger than me but our sisters became BFFs when Megan and I switched over to public school. And then they switched schools and I didn't see them for a few years, but ended up going to the same church and we became great friends! Shortly after that they moved to Oklahoma. We kept in touch here and there, but it was hard. And she came to visit for a few days, and it was like nothing had changed. It was great! And I can't wait to see both of them again really soon!

After those exciting few days (I also did some looking at OT schools and requirements/application deadlines, I'll save that for another post), I decided to head to Houston to visit Andrew. Hooray! Thursday was spent driving to Houston, Friday was hitting up the outlet mall with Sammie where I bought the cutest dress! I plan to wear it for Easter since it is a spring color dress, and again for Ashley's wedding! Yay! Saturday was kinda boring, but Andrew bought tickets to see Brad Paisley! It was fabulous! Once again, I didn't have my camera and didn't take any pictures. Poo poo. Oh well. Sunday was for church, lunch, and driving back to CS. I spent the afternoon unpacking my stuff, and working on an officer application for one of my organizations. Let's hope I get the position! And I went to the movies with Andrew and Erik (I have another story to tell!) and we saw Battle Los Angeles in extreme digital HD (or whatever they have at Cinemark). Loved it and you should go see it!

Today started off good, and is still going good! I half expected it to be horrible, like the first day back from spring break always is, but it really wasn't. And I don't have a ton of stuff going on this week, but I do have some homework, online quizzes, and an exam on Friday. Guess I better get crackin'!

How was your break?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Many Miles Traveled Already

Hello friends! I hope all of you are starting to relax and enjoy your break! I know I am :)

Friday afternoon Mary and Megan got into CS and we grabbed lunch, got to see Andrew, and got to enjoy spending time together. We eventually decided that we would go to Dallas to spend some time with Mary and Richard. So instead of driving home, we went there instead. Friday night we had dinner at Rockfish, then Saturday had brunch at Penne Pomedero which is within walking distance of the SMU campus. We took a short drive through the SMU campus (which is where Richard got his Bachelors) before driving around town. I had mentioned to Richard and Mary that Andrew and I would need a place to stay for Ashley's wedding in June (Richard's house is in the Highland Park area) and they were nice enough to drive me right past the church after brunch, and it is GORGEOUS! The stairs in front of the church are amazing, and there's a super cute park across the street. I can't wait to see the inside! PS---Ashley, perfect choice! And Mary and Richard had a two center aisle wedding and it worked out perfectly!

After driving around town we went to the Northpark Mall for a few hours, went back to the house and Megan and I got on the road to go home. We were both exhausted and crashed. We went to mass this morning with Mom and ate lunch, then stopped by to see Dad.

I don't have any plans for tomorrow with the exception of a doctor's appointment and plans to look at OT school requirements and the application process, plus I need to start looking for a summer job. Megan said I should be a shots girl at Graham's (one of the few bars at home) and they walk around asking people if they want shots. The work uniform is either lingerie or a bikini with chaps, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Hahaha yes! Perfect job! Just kidding. It's hard to find a place when it will only be for this summer and next. But hopefully I will find something soon!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SB 2011.....

is right around the corner and I can't hardly wait! I haven't had anything to do in the way of homework/exams/quizzes since Wednesday and it seems like I'm about to go crazy without anything to do. I almost thought about leaving but realized I needed to stick around because I still have class. Luckily, two of my three classes tomorrow have been cancelled which means I only have to go to one class (but I still have to go for it). I don't really have any plans except that Megan (who came by Wednesday evening on her way to Austin) and Mary (ex-stepmom who she went to visit) will be driving here tomorrow around lunch. After that we may or may not go to Dallas, if we don't we will just head back home and possibly go to Dallas for the weekend. Or we will just go home and be bums. My only other plans include possibly going to Houston to visit Andrew for a few days, and get to see Sammie and do some shopping and perhaps order a bridesmaid dress from David's Bridal. We'll just have to see what happens.

I wish we could have a whole month off. I'm already looking forward to taking the summer off from school. It will be the first summer in 4 years that I won't be taking any classes. Buuuuuuuuut of course I'll have to find a job. But that's not so bad.

What are your spring break plans?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because I Can't Think of a Catchy Title

Things have been a little busy and rather stressful around here the last few days hence no new posts until now. Yeaaah, hence!! (you should have read that in your House Bunny voice). A whole lot of stuff has gone down since my post on Friday night about the apartment I fell in love with. And yes I am still in love with it, and still without a roommate. But I have a few options available, it just depends on what my friends want to do. But enough about that, I have a very exciting story to tell!

Erik's birthday was at the end of February, and being the party pooper that he is, went home instead of partying it up here. So we (being me, Andrew, Deen and Shala) had to throw him a party which happened on Saturday night. Worst night of my life. First problem was that I had no idea who was coming or even what time they would be arriving which was a little irritating but okay. Then things took a turn for the worse. Erik and Deen decided that they wanted a blueberry pie. So they got the necessary supplies from HEB and started baking. They didn't plan for the frozen blueberries to overflow and it made a huge mess in my oven. But Shala told me that she would clean it up. Not so bad, right? The pie finished cooking, and some IDIOT turned the oven all the way up (to like 600 degrees) instead of turning it off and the mess on the bottom of my oven CAUGHT ON FIRE. I'm pretty sure that I had a heart attack and nobody knew why the oven was still on even though it was "turned" off. Andrew, being a smart eagle scout, got the baking soda and threw it on the flames to extinguish them. Mind you, this was at least 5 minutes later and I was freaking out. After that whole problem was taken care of, we watched the movie Young Frankenstein. By that point I just wanted everyone to leave and the smoke to be gone. I guess that's what I get for trying to host a party.

I woke up Sunday still exhausted, managed to drag myself to church, ate lunch with Andrew, and took a nice nap before starting my homework. This week hasn't been very exciting, I had an exam yesterday morning and I made an 86, which is better than I was expecting! And of course spring break is right around the corner, too bad Megan has spring break this week and not next week. We considered the option of driving to Florida or somewhere, but I just don't think we have time. So, plans for next year are already in the making! Woohoo for actually going somewhere (besides home) for spring break!

Now if I could only get through the next two days I'd be doing fabulous!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feels Like Home

This afternoon I went by an apartment complex to look at some of their floorplans. I had already seen two of them, but there was one in particular that I was dying to see and I should mention that I've waited three weeks to see it. It was perfect in every way imaginable. It's available for when I need it (which will most likely be in August seeing that I can't seem to find a job and it would be financially easier too) and I want to go back again this weekend and put a deposit down. The living room is spacious and the kitchen/dining area is open which I love! Also in the kitchen are the washer/dryer connections so I would need to get some of those off craigslist. The bedrooms are 10x13 which is really nice, the bathrooms are nice and have quite a bit of storage room, but there is only one shower. The girl showing it to me referred to it as a "true Jack and Jill" so if you can picture this: bedroom, bathroom, shower, bathroom, bedroom layout. Got it? And it's only $825/month (total, not per person) which is a hair cheaper than what I'm paying now.

So that brings me to my one problem. I'm not comfortable sharing a shower with someone I met through an online roommate search. It's just a little weird. But I'm so in love with it. I don't know what to do.

This morning I ran into Betsy again (same as last week) and now I look forward to seeing her every week! We chatted for a few minutes as Betsy is looking at her roommate options too and since talking to her I've realized a few things about myself.

1. I'm really hard to live with. I've ranted numerous times about how irritating my current roomie can be, and I'm most picky about taking out the trash when it gets full and leaving dirty dishes in the sink for over a week without even rinsing them. But I can handle dirty dishes for a few days.

2. Going off of the last one, sometimes I'm really picky about tiny things. Like how my roommate uses all the ice and doesn't bother to refill the ice cube trays. EVER. It bothers me.

3. If I live with someone that I actually know rather than a friend of a friend of a friend who I've only talked to twice, things seem to work a whole lot better I think because they actually care about you as a person and your well-being. The least you could do is say hi to me in passing at least once every two weeks.

4. I'm starting to see a pattern with my roommates. Each year it's either good or bad. Last year was good, this year sucks, therefore this next year should be much better.

I hope Betsy considers the option of us being roommates (I'm sure you are!) but I also know that I don't want to pressure her into being my roommate even here on my blog. She's been entertaining the idea of getting her own place, which would be pretty cool. But I don't wanna make any definite decisions until I have a chance to talk through everything with my mom over spring break and then I will make my final decision and stick with it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Roommate Update

So for my faithful readers that have been keeping up with me, you'll know that I've been on the hunt for a roommate for next year. And just in case you don't remember my posts, you can read them here and here. It's also looking like I'll be graduating next May instead of this December which was my original plan (since I'm not graduating on time like I should be). My current lease is up in May, and I can't quite figure out what I'm going to do from there. I have the choice of moving from one place to another, or the option of signing a lease for August. I guess it depends on what my future roommate would want to do. I tried to convince Sammie that she should move back here and live with me, but its too expensive for her. For awhile I thought that Megan might live with me, but I think she is leaning towards going to SHSU rather than here (or Blinn). Which pretty much leaves me out of options except for the roommate site provided by AGOSS (adult, graduate, and off-campus student services) and just pray to God that I get a decent roommate.

I don't want to be picky about my roommate either, but I've had my share of bad roommates and I'm tired of it. Plus even though I have a ton of girl friends, they all have their own leases with their other friends/acquaintances. So I don't know what I will do.

It's really been eating at me and bothering me that I haven't figured out anything yet. I know time is running out and I need to figure something out. I have an appointment to check out one apartment complex on Friday afternoon, but its the place that Megan and I were looking at. So I might just scratch that one off my list and keep looking. I just want some sort of sign to know that everything will work out and things will fall into place at just the right time.

What do I do?? Does anybody know of someone that needs a roommate?? HELP!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where Did February Go?

It seems like last week was the start of the spring semester and yesterday was just another day. Things are going by so fast. I can't believe that it's already March. I was planning on doing a ''last day of February'' post but I'm sure you've realized by now that it didn't happen. Right now I'm skyping with my sister and Sammie (SHOTOUT!) while eating some carrots cause I feel guilty for having a coke float earlier (even though it was made with Coke zero!)

This semester is seeming to be a little rough, the classes I thought I would do great in I'm sucking in and the classes I was dreading are going great. Go figure. Andrew was supposed to come over tonight but he has an exam tomorrow for Dynamics (or Statics, or something Aerospace....way over my head). So I didn't get to see him. Poop. And that reminds me, poop has become my new favorite word. I'll blame it on the fact that I've seen Despicable Me several times now and Vector says ''oh poop'' at the very end of the movie and Megan started using it, therefore I started using it. And now at least half of my conversations with Sammie, Andrew and Megan have the word poop in them at least once. Which I'm sure you were dying to know. Maybe this is a sign that I should stop rambling and just go to bed.

But! Before I do, you should check out these hilarious websites. They have become my latest source of entertainment :) Enjoy!

Dear Blank Please Blank which is kind of like a Dear Abby column (but not really).

When Parents Text. Pretty self-explanatory