Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because I Can't Think of a Catchy Title

Things have been a little busy and rather stressful around here the last few days hence no new posts until now. Yeaaah, hence!! (you should have read that in your House Bunny voice). A whole lot of stuff has gone down since my post on Friday night about the apartment I fell in love with. And yes I am still in love with it, and still without a roommate. But I have a few options available, it just depends on what my friends want to do. But enough about that, I have a very exciting story to tell!

Erik's birthday was at the end of February, and being the party pooper that he is, went home instead of partying it up here. So we (being me, Andrew, Deen and Shala) had to throw him a party which happened on Saturday night. Worst night of my life. First problem was that I had no idea who was coming or even what time they would be arriving which was a little irritating but okay. Then things took a turn for the worse. Erik and Deen decided that they wanted a blueberry pie. So they got the necessary supplies from HEB and started baking. They didn't plan for the frozen blueberries to overflow and it made a huge mess in my oven. But Shala told me that she would clean it up. Not so bad, right? The pie finished cooking, and some IDIOT turned the oven all the way up (to like 600 degrees) instead of turning it off and the mess on the bottom of my oven CAUGHT ON FIRE. I'm pretty sure that I had a heart attack and nobody knew why the oven was still on even though it was "turned" off. Andrew, being a smart eagle scout, got the baking soda and threw it on the flames to extinguish them. Mind you, this was at least 5 minutes later and I was freaking out. After that whole problem was taken care of, we watched the movie Young Frankenstein. By that point I just wanted everyone to leave and the smoke to be gone. I guess that's what I get for trying to host a party.

I woke up Sunday still exhausted, managed to drag myself to church, ate lunch with Andrew, and took a nice nap before starting my homework. This week hasn't been very exciting, I had an exam yesterday morning and I made an 86, which is better than I was expecting! And of course spring break is right around the corner, too bad Megan has spring break this week and not next week. We considered the option of driving to Florida or somewhere, but I just don't think we have time. So, plans for next year are already in the making! Woohoo for actually going somewhere (besides home) for spring break!

Now if I could only get through the next two days I'd be doing fabulous!


  1. They caught your freaking apartment on fire? Are you serious?! How does someone turn off an oven and actually turn it up? What the hell??

  2. well it was contained in the oven, but still! the dial for my oven can go all the way around and Erik turned it in the wrong direction. So he turned the dial from 350 to 400 to 500 until he reached off instead of dropping the temperature until it turned off.