Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feels Like Home

This afternoon I went by an apartment complex to look at some of their floorplans. I had already seen two of them, but there was one in particular that I was dying to see and I should mention that I've waited three weeks to see it. It was perfect in every way imaginable. It's available for when I need it (which will most likely be in August seeing that I can't seem to find a job and it would be financially easier too) and I want to go back again this weekend and put a deposit down. The living room is spacious and the kitchen/dining area is open which I love! Also in the kitchen are the washer/dryer connections so I would need to get some of those off craigslist. The bedrooms are 10x13 which is really nice, the bathrooms are nice and have quite a bit of storage room, but there is only one shower. The girl showing it to me referred to it as a "true Jack and Jill" so if you can picture this: bedroom, bathroom, shower, bathroom, bedroom layout. Got it? And it's only $825/month (total, not per person) which is a hair cheaper than what I'm paying now.

So that brings me to my one problem. I'm not comfortable sharing a shower with someone I met through an online roommate search. It's just a little weird. But I'm so in love with it. I don't know what to do.

This morning I ran into Betsy again (same as last week) and now I look forward to seeing her every week! We chatted for a few minutes as Betsy is looking at her roommate options too and since talking to her I've realized a few things about myself.

1. I'm really hard to live with. I've ranted numerous times about how irritating my current roomie can be, and I'm most picky about taking out the trash when it gets full and leaving dirty dishes in the sink for over a week without even rinsing them. But I can handle dirty dishes for a few days.

2. Going off of the last one, sometimes I'm really picky about tiny things. Like how my roommate uses all the ice and doesn't bother to refill the ice cube trays. EVER. It bothers me.

3. If I live with someone that I actually know rather than a friend of a friend of a friend who I've only talked to twice, things seem to work a whole lot better I think because they actually care about you as a person and your well-being. The least you could do is say hi to me in passing at least once every two weeks.

4. I'm starting to see a pattern with my roommates. Each year it's either good or bad. Last year was good, this year sucks, therefore this next year should be much better.

I hope Betsy considers the option of us being roommates (I'm sure you are!) but I also know that I don't want to pressure her into being my roommate even here on my blog. She's been entertaining the idea of getting her own place, which would be pretty cool. But I don't wanna make any definite decisions until I have a chance to talk through everything with my mom over spring break and then I will make my final decision and stick with it.

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