Monday, March 28, 2011

Not Listening to a Lecture

Hey friends! What a busy weekend I had! PS--the reason for my status is that I'm watching a video lecture for my online class, Human Sexuality, and it is covering sexual behaviors. Awkward. So I'm updating instead!

Like I said...I had a busy weekend! Thursday night my sister came to visit for the weekend again, and I was super excited to see her as usual. Friday I had an exam that was awful, but I managed to survive. After classes Megan and I ran a few errands to HEB and Target. Friday night we went out to dinner with Andrew and Erik (Andrew's roommate) and one of Erik's nerdy friends, Daniel. I have a picture of Erik and Daniel sharing a drink at dinner, but it was taken on Megan's iPhone so if you want to see the picture go to Facebook and find it. After dinner, we came back to my place and played Taboo. Love that game!

Saturday kicked off Big Event, and I had a great time! My group was assigned to rake leaves and wash windows at a house in Bryan. The host was so kind and thankful to have our help. She mentioned to us that the jobs we were doing were the jobs that her husband used to do for her. Sadly, he lost a 19 year battle with cancer in 2008, and it seems like she is still adjusting to the loss. After our job, she ordered pizza for us! Yum! I came home, showered, and took the longest nap ever. Saturday night was dinner, and Megan and I went to see Red Riding Hood. That movie was awesome and it had a great twist to the ending. You should go see it!

Sunday was the birthday party day. My mom's side of the family has numerous birthdays in March and April (March 17, 28, 29, April 1, 2, and 4) so we had about half the family show up to celebrate all the wonderful birthdays in the family. Of course, Megan and I only told the party hosts (our Aunt Denise & Uncle Gary, who are Megan's godparents) that we were coming. And how surprised everyone was to see us! Andrew went too, and I think everyone is used to him being part of the family now. He fits right in with the rest of us! We had a fantastic time seeing everyone and the food was delicious. On our way back, we took a little extra time and stopped by Andrew's house to see his family and so he could pick up a textbook. I got to see all of his brother's senior pictures (he's so handsome!) and Megan got to watch Kentucky win. Yay for the Mens' Final Four! And we came back here and did absolutely nothing. It was a grand weekend!

Today has been super productive seeing as how I did NO HOMEWORK WHATSOEVER this weekend. Of course, Megan left today and went home. I won't see her again until Easter, but I'm super excited about being home for summer and getting to spend a lot of time with her! And now my lecture is finally over, so its time for me to read the book and take the quiz. Oh boy.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Can you send me the file of the lecture? It sounds like it would either very interesting or just awkward/bad.