Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Erik Should Never Play Outside

So in case you don't remember me mentioning from my post-spring break update that I had a bunch of little stories to tell you, I do. And I think I've finally got some spare time to sit down and write. Hooray!

This story is about Andrew's roommate, Erik. I met Erik a little over 2 years ago in a Polisci class, which we both hated and Erik is the reason Andrew & I are together. I don't think I've told the story about Andrew and me, or maybe I have and I just don't remember (if I have you should tell me!) or I've always said I will and I haven't yet. Who knows. Anyways, this post is dedicated to him.

Erik and Andrew have known each other (almost) their entire lives because of boy scouts. When Erik was somewhere in the 8-12 age range, he went on a church trip with a large group. And being a rowdy boy, he would always run around. While camping (or whatever it was) he was playing around outside and managed to trip over a railroad tie and his stomach landed on the tie. I think he felt okay for a little while, but then problems started happening, most importantly skin discoloration and pain in his abdomen. The next day the chaperones decided that he needed to go to the ER. According to Erik, the doctor said he had severe internal bleeding and would have been dead in the next 2-3 hours if he hadn't gotten medical attention. The fall ruptured one of his renal arteries, and he needed a blood transfusion, which he got immediately. He survived, but was in the hospital for quite some time and ended up losing a lot of weight (maybe 30-40 pounds?).

Fast forward to spring break. Erik went on a camping trip with some friends/family starting on Monday. Andrew forgot that he was camping and decided to call him up on Wednesday to hang out. Surprisingly, Erik answered his phone and was once again on his way to the ER, this time because he had fallen on a log and gashed open his leg. He got 11 stitches (whoop!) in his leg and its been oozy and leaking puss and he's not allowed to do any strenuous physical activity like running.

And that is why Erik should never play outside. Too many wooden objects that he hurts himself on. I don't know if he will ever learn :)

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