Friday, April 1, 2011

No Pranks Today

I can't believe that it is already April. Where has the semester gone? According to my calendar there's only 5 weeks left of school plus 3 days of finals. And it seems like April is one of the busiest birthday months. Even though it is Friday and the weekend is here, I haven't done anything all day so I'm a little bored right now. To make matters worse, my allergies are going crazy so I've been staying indoors all afternoon.

On top of the boringness that's been happening, I haven't seen Andrew all week except for a few minutes on Tuesday and last night when he came over to watch The Big Bang Theory. He has been swamped with homework every single night and this weekend isn't looking any better for him to take a break. So I pretty much hate the entire Engineering Department right now. Or maybe just the professors for giving too much work. I've never seen him have so much work. EVER. I hope it gets better before the semester is over.

I don't have any plans this weekend, but I might be going to see Insidious tomorrow! Yay! Love me some scary movies. Aaaaand then the rest of the weekend will be devoted to doing homework since I've done nothing all week.

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