Friday, May 6, 2011

April Showers Bring....

May flowers and MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! My birthday is exactly one week from today. Can you believe I'm going to be 22? It sounds strange. But its just another year gaining wisdom and growing up! I feel like it has been forever since my last update. OK, it really has. But there has been so much going on that I have to tell you about!!

About half of the stuff on my list from my last post is done, but here's what I have left:

Tomorrow - Austin's high school graduation
May 11 - end of finals
May 13 - MY BIRTHDAY! (and the day I have to move out of my apartment)
May 14 - graduation
May 16 - Aggie Mom's Club meeting
May 21 - Erik & Shala's wedding
May 22-26 - New York Trip!
June 4 - the day I'm chopping off my hair & donating it to Locks of Love
June 11 - Ashley & Phillip's wedding
June 17 - UTMB visit

First off, Andrew's Ring Day! He finally got his ring around 7pm, and of course all of his family was there. And he dunked his ring in beer, but ate so much for dinner that he didn't have enough room in his stomach to even drink half of his pitcher. So. It took him about 2 and a half minutes, and over half of it immediately came back up. Gross.

Super excited to have his ring!

Starting to drink....

Happy to be finished! Erik's goal (and maybe mine too) was to get Andrew slightly drunk off this pitcher since he's never been drunk, but unfortunately that didn't happen. And his parents DID NOT APPROVE of the beer dunking. Wuups.

Easter (which feels like forever ago) was extremely busy! The Wednesday before Easter I left College Station early and drove to Dallas to meet my sister and cousin. We drove all the way to Chickasha, Oklahoma and then to Fort Sill (Lawton) OK, to visit my other cousin and watch him graduate from basic. It was the longest driving trip of my life. The round trip tallied about 1300 miles. But it was totally worth it!

This was on the drive there, Megan got a little bored and decided to whip her hair and dance in the car :)

Ben, Megan, Seth, me, and Seth's girlfriend Devon. Aren't we so cute?

One last picture with Seth before we left. The next morning he flew out to Virginia for AIT and he will be there for 9 weeks. Megan and I are considering making a trip to Wilmington (North Carolina) and get close to Virginia haha.

So we left Oklahoma on Friday, and drove back to Dallas and then home. And of course then it was time to celebrate Easter with the fam! Sunday morning Megan and I went to church with Dad, and had lunch with Mom. Even though the weekend was super short and really busy, I had a fabulous time.

Love my mommy :) she's so cute

Obligatory sister picture. I think we took about 7 or 8 pictures, and you can see more on Facebook (if you haven't already)

The weekend after Easter was Ring Dance! So much fun! I was super excited to wear my new dress (that actually slightly drags the ground) and see Andrew in a suit. Sammie and Shala both stayed with me, and all day Saturday was spent getting ready. Sammie and I did each other's hair, and I have found the most amazing hairspray ever. Its made by Bed Head, y'know, for those folks that have straight-as-a-board hair and can never hold curl. My hair stayed gorgeous all night long (big thanks to Sammie for that)! The dance is normally at the MSC, but since it is under construction it was held at the Hilton. At first I was very disappointed and underwhelmed, but the people I was with made it unforgettable and fantastic! I ordered professional pictures, and those should be coming to my house in the near future. I saw several people there that I hadn't seen in at least a year, and some people that I hadn't seen since high school. Crazy, right??!!

This may just be my favorite picture of Andrew & I to this day! ♥ Maybe it's because he's standing on a taller step that I am and I really like the way it looks haha. Is it bad if I wish Andrew was taller?

Infamous pictures under the ring by the Alumni Center. The very bottom of my dress has an extra 5ish inches of silky black fabric to make it longer

Best friends from college :)

Oh yes. We're definitely best friends :)

This week has been pretty relaxing. Monday night was the last community event for my freshmen, and very few kids showed up but it was great anyways! Tuesday night was the end of year banquet for work, and dinner was delicious! Today I was productive and finally filled out Ashley & Phillip's RSVP invite, it had just been sitting on my desk all week. Plus I found out that some other ladies (who I haven't seen in awhile) will be attending the wedding. YAY!

Finals started today. Boo. I had one final today, and I have two left. Then it will be my birthday! Wooo! Andrew and I will be leaving in the next hour or so to head to Houston for his brother's graduation (which is tomorrow). It seems like he has grown up so much from the first time I met him. When I met him, he had a curly afro, was about as tall as me, had bad acne, and braces. And now he has a buzz cut, is as tall as Andrew, and has no more acne or braces. He has grown into a handsome young man!

If you have read this far, congratulations! Whew. That was a whole lot.

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