Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coffee Makes Me Sick

Words cannot express how tired I am feeling right now. I have a final at 8am that I studied all day yesterday for but I still don't feel prepared hence why I'm awake so early. This whole 4-5 hrs of sleep for the last few weeks ain't workin out. Thankfully I only have one more final after this. However, both finals (today and tomorrow) will determine what grade I make in the class, and I would love to have B's rather than C's or at least one. Gotta make it happen!

Even though I'm exhausted, I have no way to wake myself up. Energy drinks do nothing, caffeine doesn't keep me awake, coffee makes me sick to my stomach and gives me jitters, and hot tea just doesn't cut it. Any suggestions on what you do for your morning fix to keep your eyes open?

I managed to stay awake until now (it is 4pm) and my final this morning was a piece of cake! I totally rocked it :)

1 comment:

  1. 5 HOUR ENERGY!!

    Remember, that's what kept me awake writing my Chaucer paper... Whomp