Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey Chicken, You're Awesome

The trip to Houston for the weekend was a success! Granted Andrew had so much work to finish so we didn't leave CS until about 10 and I was slightly grumpy about that. Freebirds for dinner made it a little better. Oddly enough when we got to Andrew's house his family was still awake. I think everyone stayed up a little too late because we were all tired the next morning. Austin's HCYA (Homeschool Christian Youth Association, better known as heck yeah or hey chicken you're awesome) graduation was held at a HUGE church in Houston, and the gentleman that gave the speech for it was extremely boring. I didn't understand any of it, and I still don't. Maybe it's because he enjoys giving lectures (since he is a professor. ugh) and always manages to make people sleepy. The ceremony lasted not quite three hours, and it was waaaaaay different than my high school graduation...that's home school for ya! Afterwards, they had a reception room set up and served punch, cake, fruit, cheese, and crackers. It was so nice! After the reception, we all went out for lunch at Saltgrass. Now I've never been there, Megan is obsessed with it, and I must say that I wasn't that impressed. The salad was delicious, but the steak was not. Andrew's steak was much better than mine, and that made it better :) the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent napping and studying.

Sunday was Mother's Day, and even though I couldn't be with my mom, I got to spend time with Andrew's mom. She has been so sweet and she did such a good job raising Andrew to be a gentleman! Well, most of the time at least. His family now has a running joke talking about "what I see in this guy" and "why I started dating him" because there are things he does in front of me that his family doesn't approve of (like talking about having to go poop) and they enjoy teasing him and Andrew's mom apologized and said that she "tried her best but some things just don't work out" and Austin said that Andrew is "a reeeeeeally slow learner". I love his family so much :)

I have two finals left, and I have to be out of my apartment on Friday. 4 DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!

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